FFF: A look into Honor Flight Upstate

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04.24.15_FFF honor lfightThis week, the 14th Honor Flight received a hero’s welcome upon their return to the terminal after a whirlwind trip to tour the nation’s capital, thanks to Honor Flight SC. Ninety WWII and Korean War veterans enjoyed a daylong trip to Washington, DC.

You can see more photos on our Facebook page, including the Hampton Park Christian School playing as the soldiers returned. The terminal was filled with crowds waving American flags and holding signs thanking them for their service.

Check out their welcoming committee in this video clip:


Honor Flight Upstate SC is a nonprofit, volunteer-based program that is dedicated to honoring veterans and the sacrifices they have made. They are affiliated with the national Honor Flight Network and serve veterans in the upstate and surrounding areas by offering a program that flies our World War II and Korean War veterans to Washington, DC, to see the memorials built in their honor, and to experience recognition for their service at no cost to the veterans.

Travelers Rest HS students raised more than $30,000 for Honor Flight Upstate to make this trip and future flights possible.  Honor Flight Upstate is also supported by those who volunteer and pay their way to serve as “Guardians” for Honor Flight trips and by support staff and medical professionals to keep the travelers safe. It costs $600 to send each veteran on this trip, covering their plane ticket, bus transportation around DC, food and other incidental needs.

04.21.15 FFF honor flight collage

Honor Flight Upstate SC has flown over 900 veterans to Washington, DC since May, 2008, thanks to many financial supporters in the community. More than 100 local veterans have registered to take part in future Honor Flights – to learn more about Honor Flight Upstate and supporting future Honor Flights, visit their website at

Thank you to everyone who helped us welcome home our heroes.

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History (in the making): 14th Honor Flight returns to GSP tonight

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Veterans at the Marine Corps War Memorial on Tuesday. (April 21, 2015/FOX Carolina)

Veterans at the Marine Corps War Memorial on Tuesday. (April 21, 2015/FOX Carolina)

Early this morning 90 WWII and Korean War Veterans from all over the Upstate flew from GSP International Airport on the 14th Honor Flight with US Airways through Honor Flight Upstate.

A charter flight takes the Veterans to Washington, DC so that they can see and experience their WWll Memorial, as well as a tour of DC and visits to the Korean, Vietnam, and Iwo Jima memorials, plus other monuments. The Veterans are special guests at Arlington Cemetery and observe the Changing of The Guard at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier.

Veterans do not pay anything to take part in the one-day trip. In fact, today’s Honor flight was made possible by the generous support of Travelers Rest High School students, who raised thousands of dollars for today’s flights and the others coming up in 2015.  Joining the Veterans are “Guardians” who pay $500 for the honor to serve as caretakers for the Vets during the trip.

The goal of Honor Flight of SC is to provide an opportunity for every WWll Veteran in South Carolina who has never had a chance to visit their Memorial an opportunity to do so. Check out the photos from photojournalist Heidi Heilbrunn who is documenting their journey here. You can also see more photos from their trip on the GSP Facebook page tomorrow!

Please join us in the terminal tonight at 8:00pm for the Welcoming Home Ceremony. The Honor Flight lands at 8:10pm, and we would like to give the Veterans a hero’s welcome.

Safe travels,

- The Terminal

FFF: Snagging great travel deals for any occasion

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04.17.15FFFSometimes it’s difficult to find great airfare, even if it’s not during a holiday. For this week’s Flyer Fact Friday, we wanted to give some tips on how to always get the best ticket prices.

Fox Business wrote an article including general rules to follow, as well as when to buy tickets if you’re planning to travel during certain times of the year.

Here are some of the general rules to keep in mind when looking to get the best airfare rates:


1. Shop on Tuesday mornings. The fare sales are often launched on Monday nights, so other airlines have matched prices already by Tuesday morning.

2. Search how full your flight is. You can tell how full your flight is by starting to buy tickets online and when you “choose your seat” you’ll be able to see how many seats are taken already.

3. Remember it’s a gamble. When in doubt, booking earlier is always safer. If you wait, fares could go up or down, and usually they go up more than they go down.

4. Use online tools. Kayak is a great source to look at your flight options and they also offer a fare chart so you can see the trends in ticket prices.

5. Follow airlines. Sometimes airlines promote one-hour sales on social media, so it’s a good idea to follow an airline if you want access to some of the best deals.

6. Consider a destination serviced by low-cost carriers. Other carriers like Southwest and Allegiant offer great rates, but you have to check their sites directly for rates!


The article goes into further detail about how to get the best airfare if you are not traveling during holidays, and during certain seasons. Be sure to keep these general tips in mind when trying to find the best travel deals.

Remember to also watch the airfarewatchdog feed for flights out of Greenville on the GSP homepage and read more tips on the airfarewatchdog blog.

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Update: More construction photos from the core

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Two weeks ago we posted quite a few photos from inside the core. We are taking our readers behind the construction walls again today to see how things are shaping up for our most extensive phase of the WINGSPAN program in the core.




Our construction crews are working hard to build an entirely new core for the airport, including an expansive Grand Hall, a consolidated checkpoint and more food and shopping options! We can’t wait for the finished product, but for now stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog to see the space evolve.

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-The Terminal

FFF: 2015 travel trends infographic

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Airport concessions connoisseurs at Hudson Group released this great infographic summarizing some of the top trends in travel for 2015!  We found this on Benet J. Wilson’s aviation/travel blog, – did you know that millennials are reported to travel more than any other age group? Check it out!


Stay tuned right here to the WINGSPAN blog for more construction updates and Flyer Fact Friday fun!

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FFF: Retro videos games to help the Red Cross

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For today’s Flyer Fact Friday, check out how Sweden has recently come up with a way to raise money for a good cause: a “Charity Arcade.” Two of the country’s biggest airports have installed old school video games that will accept any type of currency, and all the money goes to the Swedish Red Cross.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

CNN Travel recently featured an article describing these arcades as a fun way to get rid of spare currency after a flight. Passengers arriving to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Goteborg Landvetter Airport can now pass time in the baggage claim by playing video game classics like “Ms. Pac-Man,” “Space Invaders” and “Galaga.”

Michael Persson Gripkow, marketing director at Swedavia, Swedish Airports says, “The travelers get a fun retro experience at the airport and at the same time they have the opportunity to contribute to the important work of the Red Cross.”

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport can connect you to these two airports, so, if you are a fan of arcade games and supporting a charity, you can book your next flight to Sweden. You can read the full article here.

Stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for more technology, history, and construction updates.

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Update: Photos from inside the core

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We’ve got tales from the core for today’s construction update.

Crews are busy working on the boiler room and a new temporary screening area for Concourse A.


Crews are also working behind the construction walls on building the new core from the ground-up!

Core5 (1)




Stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for the latest construction updates and new Flyer Fact Fridays!


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FFF: Supersonic jet cuts flight time in half

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For today’s Flyer Fact Friday, we take a look at more airline technology – a supersonic jet that would cut travel time from NYC to LA to less than two and half hours (right now it takes about five). Aside from the cost for technology and development, the other barrier to this time-saving wonder plane is the sonic boom.

03.27.15_FFF_photcred Lockheed Martin_141121160138-lockheed-supersonic-jet-1024x576

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

A sonic boom sounds like a very loud clap of thunder, and “follows the plane the entire time it’s exceeding the speed of sound,” according to Steve Hargreaves’s article on CNN Money. Companies like Lockheed Martin and Aerion are working with NASA to break the boom, so for now any supersonic flights are banned over the US and other countries. Until they figure out how to lower the sonic boom, these flights would be limited to flight paths over water.

These supersonic flights would initially cater to the wealthy and would be more costly than standard aircraft (time is money after all), but some experts estimate this technology could be catering to the masses in the next two or three decades.

We don’t have supersonic jets at GSP yet, but who knows what the future may hold. You can read Steve’s full article here, and stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for more tech, history, and construction updates.

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GSP History: BMW and the airport

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The relationship between Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport and BMW all started in 1989 when the German automaker was hunting globally for a place to build a plant outside of Germany. Anderson County was originally considered, but when BMW chairman von Kuhnheim and his team flew into Greenville-Spartanburg and saw the open land around the airport, they shifted their focus. A key requirement for the future plant was a space that would allow B-747 aircraft to taxi directly between a runway and the manufacturing plant.


But first, a case had to be made to key players for the Upstate location to be chosen over another bid in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a high stakes competition with a potentially huge economic impact, including up to four thousand jobs. In the end, the close proximity to the airport and strategic placement by the Atlantic Ocean were too hard to pass up.


Interstate 85 runs past Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, seen at the top of the photo, with BMW’s North American plant, on the right. A road connects BMW with the airport’s large cargo apron in the upper right of this photo.

Local officials had to guarantee available property adjacent to the airport, Airport Commission chairman Roger Milliken said that selling even three hundred acres to BMW would not be enough room for the plant because the property would be locked in by I-85, the airport and a residential area, which would prevent any plant expansion and would also limit the airport’s growth.


Moving fast and with the help of local development companies, state legislation, and with the cooperation of local property owners and realtors, Governor Carroll Campbell and all those involved were able to secure options on more than twelve hundred acres of airport-adjacent property, and the decision was left in BMW’s hands.


Part of the last step of the deal was the lengthening of the GSP runway to facilitate BMW cargo flights (but that’s a story for another day). And thus an incredibly positive relationship was born between GSP and BMW, and BMW and the Upstate.


Next time you’re passing by the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport and see the BMW plant, you can share your newfound historical knowledge!


Stay tuned for upcoming construction updates and Flyer Fact Fridays here on the WINGSPAN blog.


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FFF: Six ways to avoid jet lag

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03.20.15_FFF_photocredit lifehack.orgFrequent flyers will tell you that jetlag stinks. Flying to a remote location or back-to-back trips across multiple time zones can leave even the well-traveled feeling sluggish when they should be awake, or ready to take on the day when they should be sleeping. Your biological clock can really get thrown off balance, so we have picked our top six of the Daily Meal’s top ten jet lag remedies:


1. Adjust your sleeping habits before your trip. For those embarking on a long flight to a distant time zone, a few days before your trip, consider adjusting your bedtime by an hour each night to be closer to your time zone’s destination.  Traveling west? Stay up later! Traveling east? Move that bedtime earlier.


2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. You get dehydrated when you fly due in part to the lack of humidity in the cabin, so drink water before, during and after your flight. In fact, experts recommend 16 ounces of water before you fly, and 8 ounces of water for each hour you are in the air. Cheers!


3. Eat light. Foods that are high in fat and/or high in carbs can make it harder to sleep, so consider eating lighter fare than normal before you fly.


4. Move around! A brisk walk after you land or once you get settled in your hotel room is a great way to get re-energized, plus the natural sunlight is great for a boost of energy (plus you can take in the local sights).


5. Take a (short) nap. If moving around doesn’t work and the hydrating isn’t cutting it, you can always grab a quick nap to feel better. Just be sure to keep that afternoon snooze is 30 minutes or less so your nighttime sleep isn’t disrupted.


6. Minimize sleep distractions. Earplugs were number one on our list of travel accessories to always pack, so grab a pair of plugs and a sleeping mask if you are having trouble settling into sleep after traveling. You should also leave the television off and check that lights from outside wont wake you up once you’re settled in.


You can find all ten tips to avoid jet lag in this Daily Meal article, and stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for more travel tips, traveling trivia, and the latest in technology in our Flyer Fact Fridays!


Happy travels,


-The Terminal