Happy Thanksgiving

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ThanksgivingTravelsHappy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wishing all of our friends and family a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day.


- The Terminal

Our 5 favorite tips for holiday travel

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11.25.14_Thx-TravelWith 12.3 million round trip passengers flying to their holiday destination this week, Mashable just shared their 17 tips for surviving holiday travel.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we want to share our favorite five with you!

1. Adjust your attitude. Holiday travel can will be hectic, but being a Grinch won’t get you there any faster! Practice slow, calming breaths when the lines get too long, and bring that book you’ve been meaning to read. You’ll be there soon.

2. Power up to 100% and pack your charger. Since you will probably be texting loved ones, posting pictures of your travels, and getting flight updates, be sure to charge your phone and tablet and keep your chargers with you.

3. Pack light. Avoid checked bag fees and move more easily by packing light (and if you are checking bags, be sure you have your charger in your carry-on!)

4. Arrive early. Experts are predicting the busiest travel holiday since 2007, so you won’t be the only one trying to get somewhere. Check traffic and plan on getting to the airport two hours before your flight.

5. Check your liquids. TSA is strict on the 3-1-1 rule (containers must be 3.4 ounces or less, all fit in a single 1-quart bag, and each passenger is limited to one bag), so treat yourself to some travel size toiletries (at least until this technology arrives stateside).

Check out the full list of tips for flying and driving for the Thanksgiving holiday here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Happy travels,

- The Terminal

FFF: Seventeen of the Best Views from the Window Seat

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11.21.14FFFwindowseatviewsChoosing your airplane seat is never easy.  Some of us choose the aisle seat for more leg room, while others choose the window to have a place to rest your head.

While the aisle seat is not a bad seat, think about what you are missing by not sitting in the window seat – those amazing views that are basically like watching an IMAX nature film.

The Huffington Post asked travelers for their all-time favorite views from the window seat.  Be sure to take a look at the stunning views and be sure to pick that seat next time you book your ticket.

Happy travels,

- The Terminal

FFF: New scanner could end liquid limits in carry-ons!

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Paul Loeffen CEO of Cobalt Light Systems laser technologyThe United Kingdom’s Heathrow and Gatwick Airports are among 65 of Europe’s 550 airports that are using scanners from Cobalt Light Systems to obtain “fingerprints” of liquids, powders and gels in travelers’ luggage. In an effort to phase out the carry-on liquid rule by January 2016, this technology allows scanners to analyze materials in glass or plastics containers up to three liters without opening them.

Even more exciting than saving time at the airport, this technology has much wider implications, from detecting osteoporosis to scanning mailed packages for potentially hazardous materials.

Read all about this exciting technology here. Maybe this will catch on stateside, but until then, remember 3.4 ounces is the rule for your carry-on!

Happy travels,

- The Terminal

Construction Update: South End escalators and more!

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Good news for passengers whose planes arrive on Concourse A – the South End escalators, elevators and restrooms are now operational, which gives those travelers easier access to baggage claim and baggage claim concessions, including Flatwood Grill, Dunkin Donuts and Hudson!


Also, the center bridge that once housed the Hudson on the second floor is now inaccessible.


This means that our ticketed passengers must now use the escalators and elevators located on the South End or in the North Wing. Looking for a Hudson? Don’t forget we now have three great locations: one on each concourse, plus a Hudson in baggage claim.

Stay tuned for the latest in construction updates!

Happy travels,

- The Terminal

Thank you to our Veterans

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4.1.1We would like to thank the men and women who have served—and continue to serve— with courage, sacrifice, and bravery to protect our country and our freedom.

Happy Veterans Day from your friends at GSP,

- The Terminal

FFF: Thomson Airways plans table seats for flying families, ‘couple pods’

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110714_FFFpodsYou could soon be facing your family while flying (say that three times!). Thomson Airlines, the third biggest airline in the UK, is considering installing family booths that will allow parents and kids to face each other.

They are also considering the possibility of offering on-board childcare services.  Flight attendants would be trained to take care of the children by doing arts and crafts or games that would give them information about their destination.

They are also considering “couple pods” which would feature a table sandwiched between two seats with mood lighting.

The airline is entertaining all of these ideas as they have ordered a new fleet of 47 Boeing 737 MAX planes.

Read more about these ideas and more here!

Happy travels,

-The Terminal

FFF: Happy Halloween!

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10.31.14Happy-halloween-images-20141Happy Halloween! For anyone traveling today or for the Halloween weekend, we have pulled some tips for avoiding tricky traveling situations. We hope everyone enjoys a safe and festive weekend!

Here are some tips for traveling in or with your costume this Halloween…

  • While you can wear a costume to the airport, remember that doing so may mean you will need some extra time to clear your security screening – and skip the mask or anything else that conceals your identity.
  • If you are packing your costume in a carryon, remember the 3.4 ounce liquid rule for your face makeup!
  • Going as a ninja turtle or a lumberjack? Realistic replica items and props such as pitch forks, axes, swords, machetes, and other weapons are prohibited from being transported in your carry-on bags, so you will need to check those costume accessories (click here to read more about travelling with these kinds of props)

If you have any questions or concerns about traveling in or with your costume, be sure to check with your airline for their rules!

Happy Halloween,

-The Terminal

Construction Update: New graphics up in the North Wing

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102814.3Travelers whose flights disembark on Concourse B will be welcomed by some new informational signage. These graphics are on the second floor of the North Wing, and feature renderings of the final results of WINGSPAN.


From left to right, featured renderings include the new glass canopy, ticketing area, baggage claim and Grand Hall.


Check them out the next time you pass through GSP, and stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for the latest construction updates!

Happy travels,

- The Terminal

FFF: Escape that long flight with some virtual reality

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102414.140915152420-airbus-virtual-reality-1-horizontal-galleryAirbus has filed another patent for some interesting technology. This time, they are looking at sensory isolation helmets that control what passengers see, hear, and even smell while they are on the aircraft. These helmets would be an extension of the headrest and could even include a miniature airbag system that would deploy in the event of turbulence.

The technology is still in the distant development stages, but the European aircraft manufacturer suggests that the virtual reality could not only relieve boredom, but also ease the stress of timid flyers. With a virtual keyboard projected onto your tray, it would also offer some crucial time to catch up on work (or to read up on the WINGSPAN blog).

Stay tuned for the latest in technology, history, and all things flying!

Happy travels,

-The Terminal