Construction Update: Canopy installation begins

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Now that the installation of the glass panels is underway, construction crews have begun work on the steeling framing for the glass canopy that will complement the glass façade.

04.22.14 canopy collage

This canopy will span the length of the terminal and extend more than 27 feet, ensuring that drivers and passengers can exit a vehicle while staying protected from the elements. Just another exciting element to the ongoing transformation of your hometown airport!

We look forward to seeing you for your next trip.

-The Terminal

Flyer Fact Friday: Take a look at these first class perks at economy class prices…

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A few weeks ago, we gave you a sneak peek into some of the fanciest first class perks that airlines offer. Because not all of us our lucky enough to fly in such a luxurious fashion, we decided to give you a look inside some of the best economy classes! Jonny Clark, founder of, released his list of the top ten airlines that have some of the best economy class cabins in the world. The airlines were rated on giving passengers a business class feel for only a fraction of the price.

4.18.14 Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is an expert at giving economy class passengers the first class experience

It’s no surprise that Oman Air, Qatar Airways, and Ethiad Airways made the list. The airlines from the Middle East have a great reputation for their exceptional in-flight experience and are experts in knowing how to make passengers in economy class feel like their flying first class. Air New Zealand has the honor of having the number one spot for their amazing food choices, sky couches that turn into beds and stellar entertainment options.

To get the full list of airlines and why they are considered to be in the top ten, click here:

Happy travels!

-The Terminal

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal takes an in-depth look at the WINGSPAN project

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Travelers aren’t the only ones who have noticed the latest construction developments at GSP. The Spartanburg Herald-Journal recently ran an article detailing construction updates as Phase 1 continues to move toward completion and Phase 2 nears.

As you may know, Phase 1 includes the completion of the new Rental Car Customer Center, renovation of the baggage area, Concourses A&B expansion and construction in the North Wing. However, the ongoing installation of the glass façade is, the most significant sign of progress for those driving onto the GSP campus.



Phase 2 will be the most extensive segment of the WINGSPAN project, and involves an array of improvements that will require the terminal core to temporarily close.

You can read the whole article online, and stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for future updates!

Happy travels!

- The Terminal

Taking a look at the world’s first airport

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Who knew that the world’s first airport was in a deserted cow pasture in middle-of-nowhere-Ohio?  We sure didn’t! The folks at CNN traveled out to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio and checked out Huffman Prairie Flying Field, the piece of land that is considered to have been the location of the very first airport.

Huffman Prairie is where the Wright brothers would experiment with their planes and try out different aviation tactics. The barren land is also home to many aviation firsts including the first permanent flying school and location of the first cargo flight. Huffman Prairie was also where the Wright brothers performed the first controlled turn, first circle and first figure eight.

4.11.14 first airport

There are some skeptics, however, over whether or not Huffman Prairie is considered to be the world’s first airport. College Park Airport in Washington, D.C., Kitty Hawk in North Carolina and Pearson Field in Washington state are also considered to hold the title of “first airport.” Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that Huffman Prairie is one of the most historical places in aviation history, being home to many aviation firsts.

Happy flying everyone!

- The Terminal


South end construction update means tile floors and concessions framework!

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The south end of the terminal is changing fast! A third baggage claim carousel has been installed, and work has begun on the tile flooring. A new feature that the new tile floor adds is natural way finding that allows travelers to navigate from one area of the airport to another.

4.8.14 southend updates

Meanwhile, framework for the south end concessions, including Dunkin Donuts, continues to move forward. Our concessionaire will continue to upfit the raw space to fit their specific needs (whether those needs mean icing fresh donuts or selling the latest bestsellers). 

We can’t wait to see what the south end will look like once completed! Stay tuned to our blog for the latest updates on all the exciting developments at your hometown airport.

Happy travels!

-the Terminal

Best airport in the world (besides GSP, of course)

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For the second year in a row Singapore’s Changi Airport has been crowned best in the world. What makes this airport so special? Well, for starters it has a swimming pool, on-site movie theater, and beautiful gardens and trails for travelers to stretch their legs after a long journey. Those are just some of the highlights. After looking at a few pictures of Changi, it is easy to understand why the airport won best in the world. Check it out The airport looks like a resort!

04.03.14 collage

Following behind Changi is Incheon International Airport in South Korea, Munich Airport in Germany, Hong Kong International Airport, and Amsterdam Schipol Airport. The airports were ranked by a survey conducted by Skytrax that polled 12.85 million passengers across 110 nationalities at 395 airports worldwide.

Follow this link for a full list of this year’s top 10

Hopefully your next journey from GSP will be to one of these amazing airports!

-The Terminal

Glass panels arrive at GSP

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The first truck of glass panels has arrived and installation of one of the most visually exciting portions of construction has begun!

Trucks will be delivering glass today, Wednesday and Thursday. The timing of installation depends on the unloading sequence of each truck. With such heavy cargo to unload, each truck is loaded and unloaded in a particular order, and then staged in a lot before each crate is taken to the site where the glass will be installed.

04.01.14 glass installation begins

The crates each weigh no more than 2,000 pounds and have five or six “lites” of glass, depending on the size and configuration. There will be three kinds of glass installed: spandrel glass, fritted glass and vision glass. The spandrel glass is the most opaque and will be used for the top three feet of the façade. The six-foot section below the spandrel glass is fritted, so it is more transparent but still cuts the amount of light that comes through to insulate the building. The bottom six feet of glass will be vision glass, which is the most transparent. Using multiple glass lites as part of the design eliminates the use of some electrical lights during daylight hours

An individual lite of the glass weighs about five pounds per square foot, so installation is no quick feat. In fact, construction crews at GSP will be using a crane with a series of powerful suction cups to move and place these heavy six foot-high by five foot-wide lites of glass. The glass is then maneuvered and placed on rubber setting blocks, which takes the weight of the glass. Once the weight of the glass is transferred to the setting blocks, the suction cups are released and installation continues!

The first crew places the glass, and is followed by a second crew responsible for caulking and sealing the glass. This sequence is orchestrated carefully for the caulking team to follow three to seven days behind the first crew to allow for a seamless installation.

We estimate that approximately 20+ individual lites can be installed a day, so it should take crews roughly until the end of April to complete the installation. The process will start at the North Wing and move all the way to the south end of the terminal.

Of course the temporary wall will still be in place until all the glass is installed and sealed. Visitors will, however, see the front of the terminal transform quickly these next few weeks.

For those of you who will not be able to watch the daily progress, you won’t have to miss out – there will be a time lapse video to show the full transformation once installation is complete!

Happy travels,

-The Terminal

Is there a best time to book your flight? Let’s look at the data…

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3.28.14 tickets keyboardLooking for a good deal on a flight can be exhausting. You spend countless hours googling “best time to book a flight” or “cheapest time to buy a plane ticket” only to find that the thousands of travel blogs and websites you skim through give you one hundred different answers. Some say to do it three months in advance while others say six. The answer, it turns out, largely depends on your destination.

Airfare shopping engine CheapAir spent more than a year analyzing over 4 million airline trips by tracking ticket prices from 320 days before takeoff, all the way up until the day before.

The numbers are in and the data showed the best time to book a domestic flight is 54 days before takeoff. If you don’t hit exactly 54 days, try to aim between 104 and 29 days before your flight. Each trip is unique, so you should still shop around, but that 54-day timeframe is a good guideline to use. Don’t wait too long though – this study further disproves the myth that waiting until the last minute can pay off. The data showed that booking two weeks or less before your trip just means spending way more than you need to!

Here are some magic numbers if you want to fly out of the country:

Europe: 151 days before

Asia: 129 days before

Caribbean: 101 days before

Mexico: 89 days before

Latin America: 80 days before

We wish you luck on booking your next vacation!

-The Terminal

GSP passenger feedback device featured on USA Today Travel

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GSP strives to make the passenger experience a pleasant one.  In fact, airports across the country are doing their best to offer amenities and services that are more customer-friendly. This could include everything from Straight Talk Wireless and Benefit Cosmetics kiosks, to express spa services and self-serve shops called “gate huggers,” plus so much more. USA Today Travel wanted you to know more about some of these great amenities, and guess who was included in the article?

Many of you know there is already a Best Buy Express kiosk in Concourse A, but that is not the only new innovation to land here. Recently, GSP became the first U.S. airport to install a new amenity called HappyorNot. These machines make it easy for passengers to give immediate feedback on the service they’ve received at checkpoints, games, and other spots by simply pressing one of the four smiley face-based buttons.

3.25.14 collage

The HappyorNot at GSP is currently in the baggage claim area to gauge how passengers feel about the new baggage claim carousels, but keep an eye out for additional kiosk locations coming soon. So the next time you come through, let us know what you think!

Check out the full article on the newest airport innovations in USA Today.

-The Terminal

Flyer Fact Friday: First Class perks

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03.21.14 first classHow would you like complimentary champagne, your own chauffeur and a private suite? And no, we’re not talking about a vacation package that you can buy on one of those travel deal websites. We’re talking about the luxurious first class features that may be available on your next flight overseas!

Lufthansa, Emirates, Qantas, and many other airlines are contributing to the trend that allows first class flyers to travel in such luxury that they won’t even feel like they are flying. This means better food and drinks, more leg room and, on some flights, a bed for mid-flight napping.

Some more over-the-top features include:

  • Showers for freshening up
  • Humidifiers for better air quality
  • A personal suite complete with 23-inch flat-screen TVs, leather seats and a 78-inch bed
  • Toiletries from SK-II, one of the most expensive beauty brands in the world

Sign us up for that!

-The Terminal