FFF: Five fun things to do in Upstate

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Taking a trip through GSP and staying for a few nights? Maybe you’re just coming to this wonderful area to get away from it all. Whichever it may be, Upstate, South Carolina welcomes you and we would like to share the many things to see and do in this beautiful region.

First, let’s take a look at just a few of our can’t miss attractions in Greenville:

  • Greenville Brew Tours- Visit and taste Greenville’s entire vibrant craft beer scene with a fun and educational tour of our breweries and social establishments! You can’t go wrong with this exciting excursion.
  • GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail- This 17.5 mile multi-use trail system runs along the Reedy River connecting Greenville County with schools, parks, and local business. Take a relaxing bike ride or walk and check out some of Greenville’s sweetest locations!08.22.14Swamp-rabbit-trail
  • Greenville Rec Waterparks- Choose from three waterparks to cool off in this hot southern weather! Enjoy any water adventure from water slides and lazy rivers to a children’s play structure. The kids and parents will have a blast in this Greenville attraction.
  • Charleston Cooks!- If you are in town for a minute… stop by Charleston Cooks and take a refreshing cooking class that teaches you all you need to know about southern cooking.
  • Centre Stage- Check out some of Greenville’s most talented people and regional talent! With different productions year round, enjoy a nice show one night in Greenville.

Find more things to do in Greenville here:


If Anderson, SC calls your name, we have another list of activities!  Here are just a few of our favorites, but you can go to for countless other things to do. Here’s what is at the top of our list:

  • Hardy Berry Farm is about to start muscadine and scuppernong season, so take the family berry-picking!08.22.140429strawb_5_5907840_ver1.0_640_480
  • Sadlers Creek State Park is a lot of fun if you are looking to spend some time on Lake Hartwell. There are great hiking and biking trails, plus picnic shelters and playgrounds.
  • Hitch a ride in a hot air balloon with Skyscapes of America and get a bird’s eye view of the Upstate, or get some local history at the Ruth Drake Museum


For everyone visiting Spartanburg or for those who call it home, there is no shortage of things to do:

  • Hollywild is a local favorite with its Outback Safari Ride through more than 70 acres of free roaming animals including bison, zebras, emus and more!0822149ef99683f6ab86567e567345efba193e
  • Rainy day sending you indoors? Visit the Spartanburg Art Museum to see the latest exhibit or take in the history at Hubbs City Railroad Museum to learn how railroads shaped the history of Spartanburg.
  • Visit Cooley’s Family Farm at Strawberry Hill U.S.A. for a full market, berry or pumpkin patches depending on the season, plus great tours!

If you have already enjoyed these activities and are looking for more to do in Spartanburg, visit

We can’t wait to share with you all the amazing things the Upstate has to offer when you visit. Stop by and say hi anytime at GSP… until then, happy travels!

-The Terminal

Happy National Aviation Day!

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In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt declared that August 19 would be National Aviation Day – an annual occasion to celebrate the importance of aviation, and the birthday of Orville Wright. Orville Wright manned the first successful sustained power flight in 1903. He and his brother, Wilbur, successfully made three more flights that day, but it is Orville who made that first flight.


To celebrate the 75th anniversary of National Aviation Day, NASA leaders were asked to share stories about some of their “first flight experiences,” including Robert Cabana. Cabana is the director of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida as well as a veteran astronaut who flew four space shuttle missions. His first flight was in 1967 aboard a Northwest Airlines airplane (likely a Boeing 727) from Minneapolis to Baltimore on his way to attend the U.S. Naval Academy. He said he does not remember much of the flight since he was mostly thinking about leaving home and his first year at the Academy. Read all about other reminiscence from NASA’s leaders here and share your own #myfirstflight memories on social media today

Happy National Aviation Day everyone – here are some other ways to celebrate the holiday.

Happy travels!

- The Terminal

FFF: 5 Surprising Items That Set Off Airport Security

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081514airportsecurityFrequent travelers should know the airport rules – don’t take any liquids and leave the fireworks at home. Did you know that transportation security officers scan more than 2 million travelers on a typical travel day? With number like that, the detectors are bound to go off!

If you ever get stopped for a pat-down or asked to open your bag… one of the items listed below might be the culprit. Check out these 5 surprising items that set off airport security so that you can stay away from time-consuming bag checks.

  • Headbands- Yes, something as simple as a headband can set off airport security. Headbands are completely safe accessories you can wear to an airport. However, metal constitutes the frame of many headbands and activates the detector. You might want to leave your headband at home or take it off before you go through security!
  • Snow Globes- The liquid contents of most crystal balls exceeds the 3.4-ounce limit… We suggest buying your loved ones a different souvenir or keeping it away from your carry on! There is no way getting around this one.
  • Inhalers- Unfortunately, inhalers violate the “3-1-1” rule for liquids. If this is a serious medical issue for you, inform officers in advance that you are carrying an inhaler. This will speed up the process!
  • Underwire bras- This is apparently a myth from airport securities… but do not underestimate this item. Underwire bras have led women to a close inspection by a female security in a private room. Avoid getting stopped by dressing more comfortable or keeping an extra bra handy.
  • Jars of peanut butter- Don’t pack your jar of peanut butter before you fly peanut butter lovers… or it will get thrown away! Although, peanut butter is not technically a liquid, it still violates airport detectors and can conform to the shape of its container. Pack a small bag of peanut butter if you really need it or buy some when you land to your destination.

Although airport security measures can be time-consuming, there are necessary procedures in place t help ensure the utmost safety on the flight. Avoid getting stopped and check out more items that set off detectors at,4762/?page=2. Until next time, happy travels!

-The Terminal

Former first baseman for Flatwood Peaches cuts ribbon on GSP’s newest restaurant

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This morning, we held a dedication for one of our newest restaurants, Flatwood Grill, established in honor of the Flatwood community. More than 65 residents attended the dedication to pay tribute to the community that part of the airport is built upon.

The inside walls of the restaurant are lined with picture of residents of the Flatwood community including the baseball team, the Flatwood Peaches.

“This airport was built in what was the Flatwood community and as we continue to thrive and grow it was important to this Airport Commission that we find a way to stay connected to our strong roots and our rich heritage,” said Dave Edwards, president and CEO of GSP Airport District.

“I am honored that GSP Airport has decided to name the restaurant after the community that I grew up in. In fact, I was the first baseman for the Flatwood Peaches from 1944-1955. I am thrilled that everyone who comes to eat here will know exactly what the Flatwood community is all about,” said F. E. Hendrix, Flatwood representative.

Check out this video of Mr. Hendrix cutting the ribbon, officially opening Flatwood Grill to the public:

Happy travels!

- The Terminal

Fares at GSP are lower than regional competitors

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081214According to the latest air fare report from the U.S. Department of Transportation, GSP’s average fares were lower than those of Charlotte and Atlanta.

The USDOT report lists the Top 100 airports based on average domestic round-trip air fares in the first quarter of 2014. GSP was ranked No. 38 on the list with an average fare of $400.78, while Atlanta averaged $404.58 and Charlotte averaged $433.37.

The average fare at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport has dropped 4.1 percent drop over 2013 and a 43.9 percent since 2000. Roslyn Weston, spokeswoman for GSP, credits lower average fares to having low-fare carriers such as Southwest and Allegiant airlines in the market and “the airport district’s willingness to work with our partners so that we can offer the best air service we can.”

The DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics said the fares in its quarterly report are based on the total ticket value which includes the price charged by the airlines and any additional taxes and fees levied at the time of purchase. Read the full article on

Happy Travels,

- The Terminal

FFF: How to survive lost luggage

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In 2012, nearly 1.8 million pieces of luggage were lost, stolen or damaged by major U.S. airlines on domestic flights. Travelers check in their bags first thing and expect them to be at their destination right when they land. Not everyone experiences lost luggage but it could happen to anybody. Follow these tips on how to survive lost luggage if you find yourself in this terrible nightmare!

Before Traveling 

  • Don’t just choose your plain Jane black luggage… go for something bright and colorful that not everyone will have and you will notice
  •  Use insurance! Yes, there is such a thing as travel insurance and they will cover you if you find yourself without any luggage
  • Be sure to pack clothes on your carry-on or anything you cannot live without… If your luggage is lost at least you will have a change of clothes and the things you really need!
  • Label, Label, Label! Don’t ignore those baggage identification labels at check-in… use them and secure them on and inside your luggage

What to do if your baggage is lost

  • Immediately go to the baggage service area so staff can take all your details and help you
  • Stay consistent! Don’t give up… keep staying in touch with the airline/baggage services and you will be reunited with your luggage in no time!
  • If you do not have travel insurance, check your airlines policies and see how they can help you


If you ever find yourself without luggage don’t panic! Follow these tips and you should be A-OK. Check out more tips at

Happy Travels (for you and your luggage!)

-The Terminal

Construction Update: Photo of the new North Wing ticketing space

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As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, the construction wall that separated the Delta ticketing counter from the North Wing came down last night. Check out the new space where US Airways, American Airlines and United will be temporarily operating in the North Wing.


We are loving all these developments at our hometown airport!

Happy travels,

- The Terminal

Construction Update: Construction wall in the North Wing coming down!

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Exciting news as construction continues – the construction wall that separates the Delta ticketing counter from the North Wing is coming down tonight! Starting tomorrow morning, US Airways, American Airlines and United will be temporarily operating from the new space in the North Wing.

With walls coming down and construction moving forward, we want to remind travelers about where they can find new shopping and dining opportunities. Hudson, Dunkin Donuts and Flatwood Grill are now all open in Baggage Claim, so if you are looking for some great options before you go through the security checkpoint to your concourse, hit the Baggage Claim area!

If you prefer to wait until after you clear security, Thomas Creek Grill is open in Concourse A and RJ Rockers Flight Room is open in Concourse B, and Hudson has a store in either concourse as well for your shopping needs.

Stay tuned to the blog for photos!

We can’t wait for you the see the newest developments at your hometown airport, so book your flight today and we will see you soon!

Happy Travels,

- The Terminal

FFF: How to beat airport boredom

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080114_FFFGot the airport boredom blues?

Traveling through airports often involves waiting. Between arriving early enough for your flight or waiting on a connection, finding ways to pass the time while traveling is commonplace in airports everywhere.

Check out these tips on how to beat airport boredom if you find yourself waiting in the airport…

  • Get some work done- Yes, you are going on vacation and don’t want to see anything work-related… But this is a great time to stay updated before your vacay. Check emails, research upcoming projects or look over those reports. Power up your laptop and get some work done!
  • Wine and dine- Pretty much all airports are filled with restaurants and bar options for your pleasure. Try that cocktail you’ve wanted to taste or enjoy a great meal! Nothing is better than relaxing with a good meal and tasty drink to start off your time off (and we hear Thomas Creek Grill and RJ Rockers Flight Room have some fantastic offerings!)
  • Shop- Many airports have retail, souvenir and convenient stores throughout. Splurge a little or pick up a souvenir for someone you love. Forget something? Buy what you need at a convenience store to kill some time – good thing Hudson is now open in baggage claim and in both concourses so there are plenty of opportunities to shop at GSP!
  • Turn into a bookworm- Finding quiet time with a book can be very relaxing. Take that book your friends have been raging about or buy a book that interests you!
  • Sleep- This is the perfect time to catch up on some sleep. Whether you are worn out or in a different time zone, catch some zzz’s in a comfy chair. Don’t forget to set your alarm so you don’t miss your boarding time!

If you find yourself waiting, follow these tips to stay productive at an airport! Check out more tips at

Happy travels!

-The Terminal

Construction Update: New baggage claims concessions officially open!

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If you flew out of GSP today, you may have noticed the wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee and extra activity in the baggage claim area from our newest concessions!! As of 4:00am, Dunkin Donuts, Hudson, and Flatwood Grill are all open for business and already providing travelers with delicious food, reading material, and other travel necessities.

Next time you are passing through GSP, be sure to grab a bite to eat at Flatwood Grill! With breakfast served all day and a range of American fare, Flatwood Grill is sure to become a traveler favorite! Check out their menu below.


Stay tuned for more construction updates as we continue making your hometown airport even better.

Happy travels,

- The Terminal