Construction update: It’s a bird? It’s a crane!

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IMG_0716We have a lot of work going on to build the new core of the airport, and for the installation of steel, one of the most important pieces of equipment we have are our cranes. These cranes serve several purposes for this phase of WINGSPAN:

1. Demolition of the old structures requires a crane to lift the heavy components from their existing locations and move them onto outgoing trucks.

2. New steel pieces and heavy equipment are brought to the airport on trucks, and the cranes are the only way crews can unload these trucks to store the material until it is needed.

3. When the site is ready, the cranes will lift the new materials and place them into the correct locations as the workers secure the materials.

05.26.15 collage 1

Bringing cranes to an airport brings a special set of considerations. Before we can even bring a crane onto the airport facility, we must first file a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen, or a written notification to pilots before a flight advising them of special circumstances) to the FAA to get approval on an object that will be higher than any existing feature currently onsite.

05.26.15 collage 2

Additionally, on each crane, a flag and a light beacon must be on the highest point at all times and the crane’s boom must be lowered when not in use.

For this construction project, we are using several cranes simultaneously and moving them around to maximize their reach.

IMG_0763Once the structural steel is erected, most of the heavy lifting equipment such as cranes will be removed from the project.

Keep checking back for more updates on WINGSPAN renovations!

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FFF: New technology could eliminate airplane noise for passengers

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05.22.15.FFF honeycomb-membrane-full1_photo credit Yun Jing - NC State University

Photo Credit: Yun Jing – NC State University

In a recent article on the Road Warriors Voices page of USA Today Travel, Jellisa Castrodale takes a look at new technology that could eliminate airplane noise inside the cabin during flights.

Teams at MIT and North Carolina State University have partnered to develop a lightweight rubber membrane that would cover the inner structures of a plane’s cabin and wings to cut down on noise for passengers.

To be lightweight and provide structural support, the floor and ceilings of most airline cabins are lined with a “honeycomb-like structure,” which is not great for blocking the drone of engines for flyers. According to researchers, the membrane is “relatively inexpensive to produce”, would increase the aircraft’s weight by 6% and block “100 to 1,000 times more sound energy” than an uncovered panel.

The team hopes to present their findings and cost estimates to airplane manufactures soon, and you can read the full article here. For now, pack those earplugs and enjoy the ambient noise on your next flight!

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Construction update: TSA checkpoint photos

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We posted about construction crews moving the Concourse B TSA checkpoint last week and wanted to share some photos of the work! On both concourses, crew have relocated the TSA checkpoints to new temporary locations while work is being done to create a single, consolidated checkpoint that would give passengers access to both concourses and the Grand Hall.

Check out the photos from the relocation on Concourse B last week:



And here is the new temporary screening area:








Stay tuned for our next Flyer Fact Friday and more construction updates soon!

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FFF: New app can help calm anxious flyers

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051515 takeoff modeDo you have travel anxiety? This week’s Flyer Fact Friday has an app for anxiety-free flying! All Nippon Airways discovered that as many as 72% of people feel anxious during air travel, so they set out to do something about it.

Researchers found that the top ways passengers relax on a plane is by puzzle games and music. In 2014, with the lifting of mobile restrictions during takeoff and landing All Nippon Airways was free to present its new app, Takeoff Mode.

ANA introduced the “Takeoff Mode” app in December 2014, the first-ever gaming app powered by takeoff.

So, how does it work? ANA explains the details of the game: A player tilts their iPhone or iPad to maneuver a ball over a grid, rolling over game pieces to add or lose extra points and time credits. There are multiple levels to the game, each more challenging, with portions of the grid popping up to block the movement of the ball. While the game is being played, the app “listens” to the ambient noise in the cabin, and when the aircraft’s engines are at full throttle during takeoff, a special animation and message is displayed.

Simply put, it’s an engaging puzzle and relaxing music app that is actually able to recognize when the airplane is taking off, and creates an unexpected moment of “contextual responsiveness.”

FFF takeoff 05.15.15

Learn all about Takeoff Mode on Al Nippon Airway’s website, and keep checking for weekly updates right here on the WINGSPAN blog.

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Update: Concourse B security checkpoint relocation

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If you are flying Delta from GSP next week, be sure to arrive a few minutes early for your flight! As part of the latest WINGSPAN renovations, the Concourse B security checkpoint will be relocated to a new temporary location on May 18 and 19, and you may need some extra time to move through security.

051315 collage tsa

We want to be sure all of our passengers arrive to the airport a little earlier than usual. The relocation will begin at 6pm on Monday, May 18, so if you are flying with us next week, just arrive early!


The screening equipment for the Concourse A checkpoint was relocated on April 27th and 28th without noticeable interruption, and is fully operational. These new temporary locations will screen passengers for the remainder of WINGSPAN until the centralized TSA checkpoint opens and allows access to both concourses.


Keep checking back for more updates on WINGSPAN renovations!


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FFF: New startup packs your bags for you

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Photo Credit: Dufl

TechCrunch has a great article about one of the newest startups in the travel world, and you’re going to want to know about Dufl. For frequent travelers who loathe the constant, packing, unpacking and laundry cycle involved with flying for work, this service is a dream come true.


How does it work? Once a user downloads the app and registers for the service, a Dufl suitcase is sent to that user. The user fills the suitcase with the clothes they want to add to their Dufl closet, and the bag is picked up by FedEx. The clothes are then inventoried, photographed, and professionally repacked, thus setting up your “virtual closet (pictured here).”


Screenshot of a user's 'virtual closet' on the Dufl app (photo credit: Dufl)

Screenshot of a Dufl virtual closet (Photo Credit: Dufl)

Once this virtual closet is established, the user simply opens the app, packs from their phone, and shares the details of their trip (where they are going and staying), and your Dufl is guaranteed to be waiting for you at your hotel. When your trip is done, FedEx picks up your used luggage, takes it back to the storage center, and professionally cleans and inventories everything again to ensure your clothes are ready to travel the next time you are.


No bags and no laundry when you get home might be worth the $9.95 a month for the virtual closet and $99 flat rate per trip. Learn more about Dufl at


Stay tuned for more travel technology, news, and fun facts as well as WINGSPAN construction updates!


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Update: Facilities expansion project

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05.05.15 updateToday we have an update on the Facilities Department Expansion project we posted about in January. This project includes three major parts: the construction of a new facilities administration building, the construction of a new equipment storage building, and the relocation of our fuel farm.


Right now, the exterior stucco is being completed on the Facilities Department administration building. The walls and roof are almost complete and electrical and mechanical work is underway for the equipment storage building.


The fuel farm that has been relocated is up and operational. This particular fuel farm does not house the jet fuel (that is in a different location). This relocated fuel farm stores the gasoline and diesel for daily airport and tenant vehicle refueling and the aircraft deicer for winter months.


05052015 collage

This project is scheduled for completion in early July, so stay tuned for more construction updates right here on the WINGSPAN blog!


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FFF: Five things you didn’t know about the Wright brothers

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04.30.14FFF_wrightbrothersFor this week’s Flyer Fact Friday, we wanted to take it all the way back to the start of the aviation era.

As you may have read in last year’s Aviation Day post, in 1903, the Wright brothers created a curious flying machine and began a new era of travel. featured an article with ten unfamiliar facts about the two pioneers, and we chose five of them to share here:

1. Neither brother received a high school diploma. Wilbur finished four years of high school, but the family moved away before he could receive his diploma. Orville was a curious young man, but dropped out before his senior year to start a printing business.

2. The brothers once printed a daily newspaper together. Wilbur joined Orville’s printing business and in 1889 the two began to publish a weekly newspaper called, the West Side News.

3. Due to a coin toss, Orville was the first brother airborne. They tossed a coin to see who would first test the Wright Flyer and Wilbur won, but his first attempt was unsuccessful. So three days later, Orville tried and for 12 seconds the machine was airborne before touching the ground again.

4. After the first day airborne, the 1903 Wright Flyer never flew again. The brothers made four flights on December 17, 1903 and before taking the final flight, a strong gust of wind caught the aircraft and sent it flipping over several times. This caused heavy damage to the body of the aircraft that were beyond repair, so the Wright Flyer was crated back to Dayton and never flew again.

5. Neil Armstrong carried a piece of the Wright Flyer with him to the moon. Neil Armstrong was also from Ohio like the Wright brothers, so when he became the first man on the moon in 1969, he had brought in his pocket a piece of fabric from the left wing of the original 1903 aircraft as well as a piece of wood from its propeller.

We can thank these two curious men for what many consider the first powered and manned airplane flights, even though neither had any formal engineering training. They started a new era of travel and went down in history. Celebrate their achievements on Wright Brothers Day (December 17) and remember these interesting facts about them!

Happy Travels,

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FFF: A look into Honor Flight Upstate

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04.24.15_FFF honor lfightThis week, the 14th Honor Flight received a hero’s welcome upon their return to the terminal after a whirlwind trip to tour the nation’s capital, thanks to Honor Flight SC. Ninety WWII and Korean War veterans enjoyed a daylong trip to Washington, DC.

You can see more photos on our Facebook page, including the Hampton Park Christian School playing as the soldiers returned. The terminal was filled with crowds waving American flags and holding signs thanking them for their service.

Check out their welcoming committee in this video clip:


Honor Flight Upstate SC is a nonprofit, volunteer-based program that is dedicated to honoring veterans and the sacrifices they have made. They are affiliated with the national Honor Flight Network and serve veterans in the upstate and surrounding areas by offering a program that flies our World War II and Korean War veterans to Washington, DC, to see the memorials built in their honor, and to experience recognition for their service at no cost to the veterans.

Travelers Rest HS students raised more than $30,000 for Honor Flight Upstate to make this trip and future flights possible.  Honor Flight Upstate is also supported by those who volunteer and pay their way to serve as “Guardians” for Honor Flight trips and by support staff and medical professionals to keep the travelers safe. It costs $600 to send each veteran on this trip, covering their plane ticket, bus transportation around DC, food and other incidental needs.

04.21.15 FFF honor flight collage

Honor Flight Upstate SC has flown over 900 veterans to Washington, DC since May, 2008, thanks to many financial supporters in the community. More than 100 local veterans have registered to take part in future Honor Flights – to learn more about Honor Flight Upstate and supporting future Honor Flights, visit their website at

Thank you to everyone who helped us welcome home our heroes.

Happy travels,

The Terminal


History (in the making): 14th Honor Flight returns to GSP tonight

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Veterans at the Marine Corps War Memorial on Tuesday. (April 21, 2015/FOX Carolina)

Veterans at the Marine Corps War Memorial on Tuesday. (April 21, 2015/FOX Carolina)

Early this morning 90 WWII and Korean War Veterans from all over the Upstate flew from GSP International Airport on the 14th Honor Flight with US Airways through Honor Flight Upstate.

A charter flight takes the Veterans to Washington, DC so that they can see and experience their WWll Memorial, as well as a tour of DC and visits to the Korean, Vietnam, and Iwo Jima memorials, plus other monuments. The Veterans are special guests at Arlington Cemetery and observe the Changing of The Guard at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier.

Veterans do not pay anything to take part in the one-day trip. In fact, today’s Honor flight was made possible by the generous support of Travelers Rest High School students, who raised thousands of dollars for today’s flights and the others coming up in 2015.  Joining the Veterans are “Guardians” who pay $500 for the honor to serve as caretakers for the Vets during the trip.

The goal of Honor Flight of SC is to provide an opportunity for every WWll Veteran in South Carolina who has never had a chance to visit their Memorial an opportunity to do so. Check out the photos from photojournalist Heidi Heilbrunn who is documenting their journey here. You can also see more photos from their trip on the GSP Facebook page tomorrow!

Please join us in the terminal tonight at 8:00pm for the Welcoming Home Ceremony. The Honor Flight lands at 8:10pm, and we would like to give the Veterans a hero’s welcome.

Safe travels,

- The Terminal