Construction Update: Glass for the outdoor canopy has arrived!

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102114GSP_ExCam3bGlass has arrived at GSP for the glass canopy and finishing touches are being made to the canopy’s steel frame so that the glass installation can soon begin.

The new steel and class canopy will extend outward more than 27 feet. The canopy won’t just look nice, either – it will ensure that drivers and passengers can exit vehicles and be protected from the elements.

Completion of the glass canopy is scheduled for close to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for regular updates on construction progress!

Happy travels,

- The Terminal

FFF: Hello? This is your luggage calling

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101714_FFF_140702182554-smart-suitcase-620xaOkay, so the technology is not quite there yet to help your luggage call you if it gets lost, but several companies like AT&T and Airbus have GPS chips in the works that could help travelers track their luggage. Still in the developmental stages, these chips could be built into suitcases or embedded in luggage tags.

The ultimate plan is to for the smart chips to be integrated with the IT systems of airlines to contact the carriers directly to arrange for delivery to your home or hotel, but for now the idea is to allow travelers with lost luggage to pinpoint the location of their missing baggage for retrieval.

You can read more about the development of smart luggage here.

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-The Terminal

Construction Update: Final steps leading into Phase 2

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wingspan_250px 2Construction crews are working, crossing their T-squares and dotting their I’s as they move down the final checklist of items needing to be completed before transitioning to Phase 2 of WINGSPAN, “Core Construction.”

Preliminary measures have been taken in preparation for the closure of the core. Concessionaires on the second level of the terminal have been closed, vending machines removed, art has been taken down, and the phone lines, the PA system and electrical have all been switched.

In further preparation for core closure, the south bridge is scheduled to open in the next few weeks. This will allow crews to close the center bridge for renovation.

The most extensive portion of WINGSPAN, Phase 2 is essentially the renovation of the terminal core. Phase 2 is certainly exciting since it includes the construction of an expansive ticketing lobby, the consolidation of TSA security checkpoints to allow passengers access to both Concourse A and B. This phase will also include the construction of the Grand Hall which will add additional food, beverage and retail concessions for passengers after the security checkpoint.

Once the core walls go up, stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for regular updates on construction progress!

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- The Terminal

FFF: Yup…that is a robot valet

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101014Ray-A-Robotic-Assistant-To-park-Your-Cars-14Last month, Düsseldorf airport (DUS) introduced robot valets to make the parking process a whole lot easier. The German airport is the first installation of a high tech system that allows travelers to leave their car at the arrival level of the parking structure to be parked by “Ray,” the robot valet.

Just pull your vehicle into one of the “transfer boxes,” grab your luggage and confirm on the touch screen that no one is in the car, and Ray does the rest. Ray measures the vehicle and uses a wheeled forklift to position your car in one of 249 spots allotted to the system.

Ray is even connected to the airport’s flight data system, so it will know when you return – you can even make itinerary changes from your smartphone using the parking app.

The Serva Transport system costs about $40 a day to use, and Düsseldorf is the only airport offering the service so far. Now if only Ray could unpack our luggage when we get home, too…

Read more about Ray the robot valet here.

Happy travels,

-The Terminal



FFF: You made that old airplane seat into WHAT?

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From Seats to Feet: Project LUV Seat: Repurposes with PurposeRecycling is becoming more prevalent in the airline industry, and not just when it comes to recycling customer’s cups and cans, or scrapping entire airplanes.

Two airlines have a new take on how their aircraft can be “upcycled” into something useful – something that helps people, not just the company’s profits.

In 2014, Southwest Airlines launched their “LUV Seat” program, which takes the leftover leather from Southwest seats heads to Africa and is turned into usable goods (like soccer balls, shoes, purses, and other items).

Southwest is not alone. Boeing recently partnered with Russell Athletics to transform 787 carbon fiber trimmings to produce athletic equipment (like football shoulder pads for University and little league teams).

Read more about these two airlines’ upcycling efforts here!

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-The Terminal

Traveler update: Windows Restaurant Counter is closed

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Travelers who frequent GSP may have noticed this week that the Windows Restaurant Counter is closed. Rest assured that you will find more than enough tasty options while you travel! Before security, you can grab a meal at Flatwood Grill or swing by Dunkin’ Donuts (you can even grab a snack to go at Hudson) – all three are located in baggage claim.

Already through security? Consider those of us not flying today jealous. Each concourse features a Hudson, but if you to sit, relax and pass some time, check out two of the hottest new restaurants in the Upstate: RJ Rockers Flight Room and Thomas Creek Grill. You have probably heard, but two area breweries have teamed up with your hometown airport to bring some local flavor to travelers. RJ Rockers Flight Room is dishing out some amazing meals and local brews on Concourse B, and if you find yourself in Concourse A, leave plenty of time to enjoy a handcrafted beer and tasty grub at Thomas Creek Grill.

093014 COLLAGE

Don’t forget to follow our WINGSPAN blog to learn more about our ongoing efforts to make your traveling experience as enjoyable as we can!

Happy travels,

- The Terminal

FFF: The best boarding method (according to MythBusters)

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092614mythbustersAnyone who has traveled recently knows that the boarding process can take longer than you think it should, and that many airlines differ on how they choose to board passengers. Zones? Open seating? Front to back? Which is the fastest way to get every passenger on the plane?

MythBusters confirmed the myth that the “Wilma” boarding method (short for W-M-A: Windows, Middle, Aisle) is actually the best method to board passengers when accounting for speed and passenger “satisfaction score.” According to their experiment, unassigned seating is actually the fastest method, but also has a low satisfaction score.

Check out the original article on’s travel section to see the video of their experiment here.

Remember to always pay attention when you get to your gate to hear your boarding instructions since a lot of airlines board differently. Safe travels everyone!

Happy boarding,

-The Terminal

GSP International Airport is key player in Upstate economic development

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092314gadc_logo_2c_3dThe sky is the limit when it comes to GSP International Airport. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to pick up a copy of the Upstate Business Journal or check out the column online by Greenville Area Development Corporation. Senior Vice President Kevin Landmesser talks all about how growing existing companies and attracting new jobs and investment demands collaboration. And without a partner like GSP, companies such as Michelin or BMW would not have chosen the Upstate as home.

Read all about the exciting things happening at GSP including the $125 million terminal improvement program, WINGSPAN. As always check back here on the WINGSPAN blog to learn more about our ongoing efforts to make your traveling experience as seamless and effortless as possible.

Check out the article here.

Happy travels,

- The Terminal

FFF: Airbus’ “beluga” turns 20 this week!

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On September 13, 1994, the “Beluga” took to the skies for the very first time. Deemed by many to be the strangest looking plane in the sky, this fleet makes more than sixty flights per week. This past Sunday marked the 20th anniversary of its inaugural flight.

 09.17.14airbus A300-600ST_1_New_Colour

The Beluga fleet consists of five aircrafts that have performed more than 66,000 flight hours in the past 20 years. Also known as the A300-600ST Super Transporter, the Beluga fleet carries aircraft parts to Airbus plants all over Europe. Happy birthday and many more years of flying to the ‘world’s strangest looking aircraft.’

Happy travels,

-The Terminal

Want to see Furman play Carolina? Enter to win GSP’s latest giveaway!

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09.17.14Paladin CMYKGSP International Airport is sponsoring a special promotion for all you college football fans: “the Paladin Gamecock Getaway.” Visit the Paladin Gamecock Getaway website and enter to win for your chance to have the ultimate Paladin football experience at Furman vs. University of South Carolina on October 18th in Columbia.

The lucky fan selected and three guests will have the opportunity to fly in a private plane provided by SAI Flights on game day from Greenville to Columbia. Once the winners land in Columbia, they will be picked up from the airport and shuttled over to Williams-Brice Stadium.

At the stadium, there will be a catered pre-game tailgate waiting for them! But that is not all – the four lucky fans will also have the opportunity to go on the field during pre-game warm ups. Lastly, the group will have the opportunity to watch their Furman Paladins take on the South Carolina Gamecocks live inside the stadium with their fellow Furman fans.  After the game, the shuttle will take the fans back to the airport where the plane will be waiting to take them home.

Go online and register for your chance to win today!

Happy travels and a spirited game day,

- The Terminal