FFF: Missed your flight? Don’t panic.

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Missed FlightMissing your flight is not a fun experience. If this happens to you, we’ve found a great article on with six steps you can take to remedy the situation. Before you do any of these things – take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to ask for help – GSP, like many airports, has a customer service counter with friendly staff to help get you where you need to be.


In case you miss your flight, here are some steps you can take to help fix the situation:


1. Get to the airport as quickly as possible: Generally there are other flights to your destination later that day so get to the airport and go to the airline’s ticketing counter.


2. Ask about the “flat tire rule”: at the airline ticketing counter, ask about the “flat tire rule” or the “two hours rule.” Some airlines will help customers who miss their flight because of circumstances outside their control, but note that most low-cost carriers don’t offer this policy and you may have to pay a fee for missing your flight). It never hurts to ask nicely (note that this policy usually only applies to domestic flights – for international flights, you will generally end up paying same-day fare for the next flight out).


3. Plan on paying the change fee: Most airlines will let you change your flight for a “change fee” ($50-$200), so be sure to check in as soon as you get to the airport to get on the next available flight. It is rare that you are able to secure same-day, one-way fare on another airline for less than the change fee, plus you will lose the money you already spent on your existing reservation.


4. Document everything: Keep records of everything that happens at the ticket counter and the policy the ticket agent applies to your situation – if you want to file a travel complaint, the records will be very useful.


5. Stay calm and be polite: You might be stressed and flustered, but like most situations, you will catch more flies with honey! Ticket counter agents have an important job to do and seasoned passengers will tell you that polite and understanding is the way to go!


Read the full article here, and stay tuned for construction updates and Flyer Fact Fridays here on the WINGSPAN blog.


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-The Terminal

Construction update: Trends in airport renovations

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2.25.15_skanska_airport_v3Did you know that 33% of the world’s airports are in the United States? As the aviation industry continues to evolve, airports need to evolve as well and will be spending an estimated $14.3 billion per year between now and 2017 to upgrade facilities. Skanska USA posted a great infographic on their blog that succinctly summarizes the three biggest trends in airport renovation:


1. Efficiency – Larger aircraft and more passengers mean an airport needs more terminal space, larger waiting areas, wider corridors, bigger tarmacs and more efficient processes and facilities to keep up with passenger demands!


This growing need is why one of the first projects completed under WINGSPAN was our one-stop Rental Car Customer Center.


2. Flexibility – Centralized security checkpoints allow for a flexible space that maximizes travel and checkpoint efficiency without compromising security. You will see these single point security checkpoints for all terminals more and more in renovated and newly constructed airports – they help passengers move through security more quickly and allow for cost savings for the TSA.


For anyone who has recently been to GSP, a centralized security checkpoint is exactly what crews are building behind the big temporary wall in the center of our terminal!


3. Customer Experience – Did you know that food and retail are the second-biggest source of revenue at large airports? Customers are also craving authentic local experiences and fare, so you may see fewer chains and more local restaurants in airports over the next few years.


Sound familiar? It should! Just this fall, GSP opened Thomas Creek Grill and RJ Rockers Flight Room with the help of two amazing local breweries. Once the centralized security checkpoint is completed and the core opens, passengers will be able to move between concourses and try brews and food from both restaurants!


Stay tuned for the latest in construction updates and Flyer Fact Fridays!


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-The Terminal

FFF: What does TSA do with confiscated items?

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Pocket knives, brass knuckles, frying pans, blender blades, blasting caps, snow globes and bleach – all items that are confiscated every day in TSA security checkpoint lines in airports across the country. Did you ever wonder what happens to this stuff after you leave it in security?


Lead TSA Officer Igor Markasyan arranges boxes of prohibited items collected at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, N.J. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

First of all, the TSA doesn’t like to use the phrase “confiscated items,” but instead uses the term “surrendered items” because unless the article in question breaks the law, you have some options other than leaving it at security. If you drove to the airport, you can take the item back to your car, or place it in your checked baggage as long as it is permitted (see the full list of prohibited items here, broken down by carry-on and checked luggage). Many airports also have post offices onsite so you could mail the item to yourself or a friend.

If you surrender your item, then its journey begins. Innocuous liquids are thrown out, hazardous or flammable materials are stored onsite at the airport until a contractor destroys them, and weapons are turned over to local law enforcement. The remaining items are often kept in lost and found for a short time before being donated to the State Surplus Distribution Center. The state of South Carolina collects items from five airports in the state, as well as certain airports in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This vast warehouse is located in West Columbia, SC.

Follow the trails of some interesting surrendered items (like rum and sickles) and the agent who collects them in Andrea Sachs’s Washington Post article, or get a local look at the SC Warehouse in  Kelly Yamanouchi’s AJC article.

Stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for the latest construction updates and more!

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GSP is looking to showcase art in the terminal

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2.18.15_Web_Banner_ArtistsThe Greenville Spartanburg Airport District (“District”) is requesting ‘Expressions of Interest’ from professional artists who would like to compete for a commission of an art installation here at GSP.  The inclusion of new artwork will be an important part of the renovated terminal – if you are interested you can read the full ‘GSP Art Program” report here.

This artwork will help create a meaningful and authentic connection to residents and visitors alike, so the following three potential themes have been identified:

Where we live – integration of water and landscape

The Greenville-Spartanburg region, and in particular the airport, has made a commitment to landscape and water that is unique and distinctive. It is appropriate that this commitment is celebrated in one of the key themes that we have selected for the GSP art program.

Where we’ve come from – textile capital of the world

Historically the region achieved global recognition and stature as a center of textile manufacture, and it is therefore appropriate that this history forms another one of the key themes for the GSP art program.

Where we’re going to – technology and mobility

This theme is about the future of the region, and its pre-eminence as a North American center of technological innovation with specific reference to the automobile industry. This future state forms our third key theme for the GSP art program.

There are a total of twelve potential sites where this artwork will be displayed. Read the full report here, and share with your favorite local artist.

Happy travels,

-The Terminal


FFF: Travel apps that work offline

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For today’s Flyer Fact Friday, we take a look at travel apps that work well even when you are not connected to the internet. David Dean’s article reviews a list of eight apps that “work just fine offline,” so we have picked a few of our favorites. With a little preparation before your trip, you can use these apps without risking overseas charges or patchy coverage.


2.13.15_FFF_Google-Map-LogoGoogle Maps – did you know that you can save maps and navigation by using the “Save map to use offline” feature? Before your trip, save key driving directions or map your way to your destination– Google maps is free, but if you want a more robust option, you can download CityMaps2Go for a fee.


2.13.15_FFF_WordLensLogo5Feb2012World Lens – Don’t speak the language? Download this app, pick the language you will need and use your phone’s camera to get real-time translations of signs and menus. Another option for translation services are the language packs offered by Google Translate (don’t forget to download the language packs before you go!)


02.13.15_FFF_app_lg_androidXE Currency – Confused by exchange rates? Have no fear – just add the currencies you will be using and sync to your phone. This app will instantly convert from one currency to another so you don’t have to worry if you are getting a fair exchange rate.


See the full list of Dean’s recommended travel apps here, and stay turned to the WINGSPAN blog for more Flyer Fact Fridays and construction updates.


Happy travels,


- The Terminal

South Carolina Business Magazine features WINGSPAN

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If you have not seen it yet, pick up a copy of South Carolina Business Magazine and enjoy a great “business brief” on the economic impact of WINGSPAN. We are so proud to be bringing 1,397 jobs to the Upstate and contributing to the local economy by increasing local income by $59.6 million.


As our readers know, we contract with local vendors as much as possible as we work to increase traveler capacity and efficiency and to integrate sustainable practices. In case you missed any of our vendor highlight videos, you can learn more about Hodge Floors, Tablerock Technologies, Piedmont Mechanical, and more by clicking on their names to watch their video!

Stay tuned for construction updates during the week and of course, our Flyer Fact Fridays!

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-The Terminal

FIVE best bars in America’s busiest airports

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VinePair’s Adam Teeter told us all about his ten favorite bars in America’s busiest airports, so we picked our top five from destinations with direct service from GSP. In no particular order, here are some great options if you find yourself thirsty during your travels:


2.6.15_sweetwaterSweetwater Draft House in Atlanta: Located in Delta’s B terminal in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the Sweetwater Draft House & Grill. Try any of their award-winning beers, but one of our faves is their IPA.




2.6.15.slideshow_picture_small_BranchesBrand_5077d32e-608c-4a07-822f-1e06b03ea08aBeaudevin and Bubbles in Chicago: Since it’s one of the busiest airports, it’s no surprise that we have two bars at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on this list. Both wine bars offer 3-, 6-, and 9-ounce pours of popular wines, so you can enjoy a sip during your layover. Visit Beaudevin if you’re in Terminal 1 and Bubbles if you find yourself in Terminal 3.



2.6.153-denver-airportNew Belgium Hub in Denver: Did you know that Denver is ranked fourth in the country in brewers per capita? It’s no surprise then that their airport features an outpost of the New Belgium Brewery in Concourse B. Try one of their Fat Tires – it’s the brew that made them famous.



The next time you pass through GSP, be sure to stop by our own favorite brewery outpostsThomas Creek  Grill on Concourse A, and RJ Rockers Flight Room if you are on Concourse B.


Stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for more Flyer Fact Fridays!


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-The Terminal

GSP boasts fifth consecutive quarter of fares lower than regional competitors!

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GSPlogoPassengers flying out of Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport continue to pay less than the average domestic fare from competing airports in the region for the fifth consecutive quarter, according to the US Department of Transportation’s third quarter 2014 air fare report.


The US Department of Transportation ranks the top 100 airports based on average domestic fare. In the third quarter of 2014, the average domestic fare out of GSP was 3.59 percent lower than Charlotte and 3.55 percent lower than Atlanta. In the same report, GSP was credited with a 0.7 percent drop in average fare over 2013 and a 34.2 percent drop since 2000.


Low fare carriers Allegiant and Southwest Airlines along with the competitiveness of American, Delta Airlines, United and US Airways have positioned GSP for success offering 49 non-stop average daily departures to 15 major cities and 18 airports across the US.


Happy AND affordable travels,


-The Terminal

Five travel accessories you should always pack

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Travel tech and gear expert David Dean reviews eight “tiny travel accessories you really need to pack,” but we have picked our top five from his list for today’s Flyer Fact Friday.


In no particular order, here are our five favorite pieces of travel gear we will be packing from now on:


1.30.15.FFF_Power-adapter5. Travel plug adapter
This one is for our overseas travelers – remember to check what kind of power sockets are used at your final destination! In the meantime, you can throw one of these little adapters into your carry-on and not worry about finding a usable power source when your battery is at 5%.


4. Travel umbrella
Protect yourself from the elements, be it rain or too much shine by throwing a travel umbrella in your bag.


3. Bottle opener or corkscrew
Always pack a travel-sized corkscrew with a built-in bottle opener to ensure you don’t find yourself searching for a desk clerk after hours when you need to open that beer or bottle of wine.


2. Notepad and pen
Throw a small notepad with tear out pages and a pen or two into your bag just in case you find yourself in need (giving the hotel address to your taxi driver, asking locals for recommendations, or asking someone to draw a map). Go old-school and you won’t need to rely on solely your phone!



1. Earplugs
Whether you find yourself on a noisy plane trying to read or you’re losing sleep because of hotel construction, these are sure to be a valuable addition to any carry-on, and most come in their own plastic carrying case so you won’t lose them.


Read the full list of necessary travel accessories here, and stay tuned for the latest from WINGSPAN.


Happy travels,


-The Terminal

Construction update: Our Facilities Department expansion project

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Lately we have talked a lot about the core closure, but there’s a lot of action going on outside the terminal too. Our Facilities Department expansion project is underway, and it includes some developments that our staff is excited about.

This expansion project includes the following developments:

  • Facilities Administration Building construction: This space will measure approximately 5,000 square feet and include the Facilities Department offices, a training room, locker rooms, a break room and library.
  • Equipment Storage Building construction: This important structure, measuring about 6,000 square feet, will be used to house various airfield maintenance equipment including mowers, tractors, snowplows and other snow removal equipment.
  • Fuel Farm relocation: We will be moving the existing fuel farm equipment for diesel and unleaded fuels as part of this expansion project. This fuel farm provides fuel not only for airfield maintenance equipment, but for airline ground service equipment and other tenant operational needs as well.
1.27.15_13247_GSP_REV Admin Bldg Rendering_010915

Rendering of the new Facilities Department Administrative Building at GSP

For now, the structural steel for the administration building is in place, and the framing work will soon follow. The fuel farm relocation is also underway with the new canopy recently erected.

This is a big project and we are grateful for the team we have in place: the Project Design Team is led by WK Dickson and supported by local architect DP3. Civil Engineer is led by Greenville firm Seamon Whiteside. Other local firms involved include Peritus Engineers for mechanical and plumbing, Burdette Engineering for electrical and Michael Simpson and Associates for structural engineering.


Stay tuned for all the construction updates and Flyer Fact Fridays!


Happy Travels,


-The Terminal