Airport Update: US Airways has officially merged with American Airlines

You will never believe the news I heard around the airport over the weekend.

It turns out that US Airways completed its final flight before officially merging with American Airlines—giving it the largest fleet in the world, with more than 900 mainline aircraft.

The final flight under the US Airways name was Flight 1939, which was named in honor of the year US Airways started flying. The flight left San Francisco Friday evening and touched down in Philadelphia Saturday morning.

Seated on this historical flight were past US Airways employees and frequent flyers. The flight attendants passed out champagne and reminisced until the passengers drifted off to sleep. Upon Flight 1939’s arrival, passengers were greeted by crowds of people showing their respect for the 76-year-old airline.

We have loved doing business with US Airways and look forward to continuing to work with American Airlines.


Far thee well, my travelers!

Until next time,

The Wall

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