Vendor Update: Behind the Scenes with Thomas Creek Grill

Thomas Creek Grill is already a huge hit with travelers through GSP—and their new digs in Concourse A is truly a work of art. From the 30-foot mural on their wall to the menu and brews they serve, the entire operation is a celebration of the past and present, the traditional and unconventional.

Hear from Thomas Creek Brewery owners Tom and Bill Davis as they share the story and inspiration behind the Thomas Creek Grill.

Whether you are here to stay or just passing through, be sure to make a stop at Thomas Creek Grill to eat, drink and share in Tom and Bill’s passion for brewing outstanding flavors!


Happy travels,


– The Terminal

Update: Concourse B security checkpoint relocation

If you are flying Delta from GSP next week, be sure to arrive a few minutes early for your flight! As part of the latest WINGSPAN renovations, the Concourse B security checkpoint will be relocated to a new temporary location on May 18 and 19, and you may need some extra time to move through security.

051315 collage tsa

We want to be sure all of our passengers arrive to the airport a little earlier than usual. The relocation will begin at 6pm on Monday, May 18, so if you are flying with us next week, just arrive early!


The screening equipment for the Concourse A checkpoint was relocated on April 27th and 28th without noticeable interruption, and is fully operational. These new temporary locations will screen passengers for the remainder of WINGSPAN until the centralized TSA checkpoint opens and allows access to both concourses.


Keep checking back for more updates on WINGSPAN renovations!


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– The Terminal

GSP is looking to showcase art in the terminal

2.18.15_Web_Banner_ArtistsThe Greenville Spartanburg Airport District (“District”) is requesting ‘Expressions of Interest’ from professional artists who would like to compete for a commission of an art installation here at GSP.  The inclusion of new artwork will be an important part of the renovated terminal – if you are interested you can read the full ‘GSP Art Program” report here.

This artwork will help create a meaningful and authentic connection to residents and visitors alike, so the following three potential themes have been identified:

Where we live – integration of water and landscape

The Greenville-Spartanburg region, and in particular the airport, has made a commitment to landscape and water that is unique and distinctive. It is appropriate that this commitment is celebrated in one of the key themes that we have selected for the GSP art program.

Where we’ve come from – textile capital of the world

Historically the region achieved global recognition and stature as a center of textile manufacture, and it is therefore appropriate that this history forms another one of the key themes for the GSP art program.

Where we’re going to – technology and mobility

This theme is about the future of the region, and its pre-eminence as a North American center of technological innovation with specific reference to the automobile industry. This future state forms our third key theme for the GSP art program.

There are a total of twelve potential sites where this artwork will be displayed. Read the full report here, and share with your favorite local artist.

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-The Terminal


South Carolina Business Magazine features WINGSPAN

If you have not seen it yet, pick up a copy of South Carolina Business Magazine and enjoy a great “business brief” on the economic impact of WINGSPAN. We are so proud to be bringing 1,397 jobs to the Upstate and contributing to the local economy by increasing local income by $59.6 million.


As our readers know, we contract with local vendors as much as possible as we work to increase traveler capacity and efficiency and to integrate sustainable practices. In case you missed any of our vendor highlight videos, you can learn more about Hodge Floors, Tablerock Technologies, Piedmont Mechanical, and more by clicking on their names to watch their video!

Stay tuned for construction updates during the week and of course, our Flyer Fact Fridays!

Happy Travels,


-The Terminal

GSP boasts fifth consecutive quarter of fares lower than regional competitors!

GSPlogoPassengers flying out of Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport continue to pay less than the average domestic fare from competing airports in the region for the fifth consecutive quarter, according to the US Department of Transportation’s third quarter 2014 air fare report.


The US Department of Transportation ranks the top 100 airports based on average domestic fare. In the third quarter of 2014, the average domestic fare out of GSP was 3.59 percent lower than Charlotte and 3.55 percent lower than Atlanta. In the same report, GSP was credited with a 0.7 percent drop in average fare over 2013 and a 34.2 percent drop since 2000.


Low fare carriers Allegiant and Southwest Airlines along with the competitiveness of American, Delta Airlines, United and US Airways have positioned GSP for success offering 49 non-stop average daily departures to 15 major cities and 18 airports across the US.


Happy AND affordable travels,


-The Terminal

SPECIAL POST: Community survey open now through Monday

12.17.14_specialpost_SurveyHere at GSP, we are always looking for ways to provide the best possible airport experience to our customers. That is why we need your help to learn what we can do to improve your GSP experience – we have launched an online survey that includes questions about ticket and parking prices, food and shopping, cancellations and delays, and more.


We have partnered with research firm BrandIQ to create a 10-12 minute online questionnaire designed to gather feedback from travelers. The goal is to understand how we can improve GSP and help further develop preferred services (including everything from Wi-Fi and tables to restrooms and lounge areas), while growing GSP into an airport we can all continue to be proud of.


The survey is only available until Monday, so if you would like to voice your opinion, please visit or click HERE to complete the survey on or before December 22, 2014. No personal data will be collected. We look forward to hearing from you!


Happy travels,


The Terminal

VIDEO: Economic impact of GSP and WINGSPAN

In addition to providing renovations for GSP travelers, one of the primary goals of the WINGSPAN program is to positively impact the economic landscape locally and continue to cultivate economic growth in the Upstate. GSP has had a significant impact on the regional economy for many years, and that impact is steadily growing.


12.10.14ecoimpBetween 2009 and 2012, that total economic impact, or output, more than doubled. In 2009, the impact was $377,525,328 and in 2012, grew to $817,119,411 – that’s an increase of more than 115 percent. This impact is measured in many ways, including direct job growth and income generated at the airport, as well as the job growth and income in the greater community. This video shows more about the specific ways GSP benefits the greater economic community.


WINGSPAN will continue to grow these economic benefits. The direct economic impact of the program through year 2016 will support a total of 1,397 local jobs, increase local income by $59.6 million, raise local output by $164.1 million and boost tax revenues by $16 million.


An immediate impact is being seen through the airport’s use of many local vendors and contractors for planning, construction and implementation. The GSP Airport District took care to identify and contract with local companies for all steps of the program, keeping program dollars circulating through the Upstate.


Improving our facilities for business and personal travelers will continue to help position the Upstate as an ideal place to build your business. We look forward to additional economic benefits of this program for years to come as Upstate communities continue to grow!


Happy travels,


The Terminal

Traveler update: Windows Restaurant Counter is closed

Travelers who frequent GSP may have noticed this week that the Windows Restaurant Counter is closed. Rest assured that you will find more than enough tasty options while you travel! Before security, you can grab a meal at Flatwood Grill or swing by Dunkin’ Donuts (you can even grab a snack to go at Hudson) – all three are located in baggage claim.

Already through security? Consider those of us not flying today jealous. Each concourse features a Hudson, but if you to sit, relax and pass some time, check out two of the hottest new restaurants in the Upstate: RJ Rockers Flight Room and Thomas Creek Grill. You have probably heard, but two area breweries have teamed up with your hometown airport to bring some local flavor to travelers. RJ Rockers Flight Room is dishing out some amazing meals and local brews on Concourse B, and if you find yourself in Concourse A, leave plenty of time to enjoy a handcrafted beer and tasty grub at Thomas Creek Grill.

093014 COLLAGE

Don’t forget to follow our WINGSPAN blog to learn more about our ongoing efforts to make your traveling experience as enjoyable as we can!

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– The Terminal

GSP International Airport is key player in Upstate economic development

092314gadc_logo_2c_3dThe sky is the limit when it comes to GSP International Airport. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to pick up a copy of the Upstate Business Journal or check out the column online by Greenville Area Development Corporation. Senior Vice President Kevin Landmesser talks all about how growing existing companies and attracting new jobs and investment demands collaboration. And without a partner like GSP, companies such as Michelin or BMW would not have chosen the Upstate as home.

Read all about the exciting things happening at GSP including the $125 million terminal improvement program, WINGSPAN. As always check back here on the WINGSPAN blog to learn more about our ongoing efforts to make your traveling experience as seamless and effortless as possible.

Check out the article here.

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– The Terminal

Former first baseman for Flatwood Peaches cuts ribbon on GSP’s newest restaurant

This morning, we held a dedication for one of our newest restaurants, Flatwood Grill, established in honor of the Flatwood community. More than 65 residents attended the dedication to pay tribute to the community that part of the airport is built upon.

The inside walls of the restaurant are lined with picture of residents of the Flatwood community including the baseball team, the Flatwood Peaches.

“This airport was built in what was the Flatwood community and as we continue to thrive and grow it was important to this Airport Commission that we find a way to stay connected to our strong roots and our rich heritage,” said Dave Edwards, president and CEO of GSP Airport District.

“I am honored that GSP Airport has decided to name the restaurant after the community that I grew up in. In fact, I was the first baseman for the Flatwood Peaches from 1944-1955. I am thrilled that everyone who comes to eat here will know exactly what the Flatwood community is all about,” said F. E. Hendrix, Flatwood representative.

Check out this video of Mr. Hendrix cutting the ribbon, officially opening Flatwood Grill to the public:

Happy travels!

– The Terminal