Construction update: It’s a bird? It’s a crane!

IMG_0716We have a lot of work going on to build the new core of the airport, and for the installation of steel, one of the most important pieces of equipment we have are our cranes. These cranes serve several purposes for this phase of WINGSPAN:

1. Demolition of the old structures requires a crane to lift the heavy components from their existing locations and move them onto outgoing trucks.

2. New steel pieces and heavy equipment are brought to the airport on trucks, and the cranes are the only way crews can unload these trucks to store the material until it is needed.

3. When the site is ready, the cranes will lift the new materials and place them into the correct locations as the workers secure the materials.

05.26.15 collage 1

Bringing cranes to an airport brings a special set of considerations. Before we can even bring a crane onto the airport facility, we must first file a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen, or a written notification to pilots before a flight advising them of special circumstances) to the FAA to get approval on an object that will be higher than any existing feature currently onsite.

05.26.15 collage 2

Additionally, on each crane, a flag and a light beacon must be on the highest point at all times and the crane’s boom must be lowered when not in use.

For this construction project, we are using several cranes simultaneously and moving them around to maximize their reach.

IMG_0763Once the structural steel is erected, most of the heavy lifting equipment such as cranes will be removed from the project.

Keep checking back for more updates on WINGSPAN renovations!

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Construction update: TSA checkpoint photos

We posted about construction crews moving the Concourse B TSA checkpoint last week and wanted to share some photos of the work! On both concourses, crew have relocated the TSA checkpoints to new temporary locations while work is being done to create a single, consolidated checkpoint that would give passengers access to both concourses and the Grand Hall.

Check out the photos from the relocation on Concourse B last week:



And here is the new temporary screening area:








Stay tuned for our next Flyer Fact Friday and more construction updates soon!

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Update: Concourse B security checkpoint relocation

If you are flying Delta from GSP next week, be sure to arrive a few minutes early for your flight! As part of the latest WINGSPAN renovations, the Concourse B security checkpoint will be relocated to a new temporary location on May 18 and 19, and you may need some extra time to move through security.

051315 collage tsa

We want to be sure all of our passengers arrive to the airport a little earlier than usual. The relocation will begin at 6pm on Monday, May 18, so if you are flying with us next week, just arrive early!


The screening equipment for the Concourse A checkpoint was relocated on April 27th and 28th without noticeable interruption, and is fully operational. These new temporary locations will screen passengers for the remainder of WINGSPAN until the centralized TSA checkpoint opens and allows access to both concourses.


Keep checking back for more updates on WINGSPAN renovations!


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– The Terminal

Update: Facilities expansion project

05.05.15 updateToday we have an update on the Facilities Department Expansion project we posted about in January. This project includes three major parts: the construction of a new facilities administration building, the construction of a new equipment storage building, and the relocation of our fuel farm.


Right now, the exterior stucco is being completed on the Facilities Department administration building. The walls and roof are almost complete and electrical and mechanical work is underway for the equipment storage building.


The fuel farm that has been relocated is up and operational. This particular fuel farm does not house the jet fuel (that is in a different location). This relocated fuel farm stores the gasoline and diesel for daily airport and tenant vehicle refueling and the aircraft deicer for winter months.


05052015 collage

This project is scheduled for completion in early July, so stay tuned for more construction updates right here on the WINGSPAN blog!


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– The Terminal

Update: More construction photos from the core

Two weeks ago we posted quite a few photos from inside the core. We are taking our readers behind the construction walls again today to see how things are shaping up for our most extensive phase of the WINGSPAN program in the core.




Our construction crews are working hard to build an entirely new core for the airport, including an expansive Grand Hall, a consolidated checkpoint and more food and shopping options! We can’t wait for the finished product, but for now stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog to see the space evolve.

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-The Terminal

Update: Photos from inside the core

We’ve got tales from the core for today’s construction update.

Crews are busy working on the boiler room and a new temporary screening area for Concourse A.


Crews are also working behind the construction walls on building the new core from the ground-up!

Core5 (1)




Stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for the latest construction updates and new Flyer Fact Fridays!


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Construction update: Photos of core demolition

If you have traveled through GSP in the past few weeks, things may seem quiet, but there’s been a whole lot of demolition happening! As you can see in these photos, crews are continuing to demolish the terminal core for the construction of new airline ticketing counters, the Grand Hall and centralized security checkpoint – look at the progress we’re making:


Even if you were in our terminal to pick up or drop off a passenger, you might have noticed the large construction wall between baggage claim and the ticketing counters. Want to know what’s behind that wall? Here is a sneak peak:


Want to learn more about all the great developments happening at GSP? Stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for more construction updates and Flyer Fact Fridays.


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-The Terminal


GSP is looking to showcase art in the terminal

2.18.15_Web_Banner_ArtistsThe Greenville Spartanburg Airport District (“District”) is requesting ‘Expressions of Interest’ from professional artists who would like to compete for a commission of an art installation here at GSP.  The inclusion of new artwork will be an important part of the renovated terminal – if you are interested you can read the full ‘GSP Art Program” report here.

This artwork will help create a meaningful and authentic connection to residents and visitors alike, so the following three potential themes have been identified:

Where we live – integration of water and landscape

The Greenville-Spartanburg region, and in particular the airport, has made a commitment to landscape and water that is unique and distinctive. It is appropriate that this commitment is celebrated in one of the key themes that we have selected for the GSP art program.

Where we’ve come from – textile capital of the world

Historically the region achieved global recognition and stature as a center of textile manufacture, and it is therefore appropriate that this history forms another one of the key themes for the GSP art program.

Where we’re going to – technology and mobility

This theme is about the future of the region, and its pre-eminence as a North American center of technological innovation with specific reference to the automobile industry. This future state forms our third key theme for the GSP art program.

There are a total of twelve potential sites where this artwork will be displayed. Read the full report here, and share with your favorite local artist.

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-The Terminal


South Carolina Business Magazine features WINGSPAN

If you have not seen it yet, pick up a copy of South Carolina Business Magazine and enjoy a great “business brief” on the economic impact of WINGSPAN. We are so proud to be bringing 1,397 jobs to the Upstate and contributing to the local economy by increasing local income by $59.6 million.


As our readers know, we contract with local vendors as much as possible as we work to increase traveler capacity and efficiency and to integrate sustainable practices. In case you missed any of our vendor highlight videos, you can learn more about Hodge Floors, Tablerock Technologies, Piedmont Mechanical, and more by clicking on their names to watch their video!

Stay tuned for construction updates during the week and of course, our Flyer Fact Fridays!

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-The Terminal

GSP boasts fifth consecutive quarter of fares lower than regional competitors!

GSPlogoPassengers flying out of Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport continue to pay less than the average domestic fare from competing airports in the region for the fifth consecutive quarter, according to the US Department of Transportation’s third quarter 2014 air fare report.


The US Department of Transportation ranks the top 100 airports based on average domestic fare. In the third quarter of 2014, the average domestic fare out of GSP was 3.59 percent lower than Charlotte and 3.55 percent lower than Atlanta. In the same report, GSP was credited with a 0.7 percent drop in average fare over 2013 and a 34.2 percent drop since 2000.


Low fare carriers Allegiant and Southwest Airlines along with the competitiveness of American, Delta Airlines, United and US Airways have positioned GSP for success offering 49 non-stop average daily departures to 15 major cities and 18 airports across the US.


Happy AND affordable travels,


-The Terminal