Construction update: Photos of core demolition

If you have traveled through GSP in the past few weeks, things may seem quiet, but there’s been a whole lot of demolition happening! As you can see in these photos, crews are continuing to demolish the terminal core for the construction of new airline ticketing counters, the Grand Hall and centralized security checkpoint – look at the progress we’re making:


Even if you were in our terminal to pick up or drop off a passenger, you might have noticed the large construction wall between baggage claim and the ticketing counters. Want to know what’s behind that wall? Here is a sneak peak:


Want to learn more about all the great developments happening at GSP? Stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for more construction updates and Flyer Fact Fridays.


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-The Terminal


GSP is looking to showcase art in the terminal

2.18.15_Web_Banner_ArtistsThe Greenville Spartanburg Airport District (“District”) is requesting ‘Expressions of Interest’ from professional artists who would like to compete for a commission of an art installation here at GSP.  The inclusion of new artwork will be an important part of the renovated terminal – if you are interested you can read the full ‘GSP Art Program” report here.

This artwork will help create a meaningful and authentic connection to residents and visitors alike, so the following three potential themes have been identified:

Where we live – integration of water and landscape

The Greenville-Spartanburg region, and in particular the airport, has made a commitment to landscape and water that is unique and distinctive. It is appropriate that this commitment is celebrated in one of the key themes that we have selected for the GSP art program.

Where we’ve come from – textile capital of the world

Historically the region achieved global recognition and stature as a center of textile manufacture, and it is therefore appropriate that this history forms another one of the key themes for the GSP art program.

Where we’re going to – technology and mobility

This theme is about the future of the region, and its pre-eminence as a North American center of technological innovation with specific reference to the automobile industry. This future state forms our third key theme for the GSP art program.

There are a total of twelve potential sites where this artwork will be displayed. Read the full report here, and share with your favorite local artist.

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-The Terminal


Construction Update: New graphics up in the North Wing

102814.3Travelers whose flights disembark on Concourse B will be welcomed by some new informational signage. These graphics are on the second floor of the North Wing, and feature renderings of the final results of WINGSPAN.


From left to right, featured renderings include the new glass canopy, ticketing area, baggage claim and Grand Hall.


Check them out the next time you pass through GSP, and stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for the latest construction updates!

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– The Terminal

Construction Update: Glass for the outdoor canopy has arrived!

102114GSP_ExCam3bGlass has arrived at GSP for the glass canopy and finishing touches are being made to the canopy’s steel frame so that the glass installation can soon begin.

The new steel and class canopy will extend outward more than 27 feet. The canopy won’t just look nice, either – it will ensure that drivers and passengers can exit vehicles and be protected from the elements.

Completion of the glass canopy is scheduled for close to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Stay tuned to the WINGSPAN blog for regular updates on construction progress!

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– The Terminal

Former first baseman for Flatwood Peaches cuts ribbon on GSP’s newest restaurant

This morning, we held a dedication for one of our newest restaurants, Flatwood Grill, established in honor of the Flatwood community. More than 65 residents attended the dedication to pay tribute to the community that part of the airport is built upon.

The inside walls of the restaurant are lined with picture of residents of the Flatwood community including the baseball team, the Flatwood Peaches.

“This airport was built in what was the Flatwood community and as we continue to thrive and grow it was important to this Airport Commission that we find a way to stay connected to our strong roots and our rich heritage,” said Dave Edwards, president and CEO of GSP Airport District.

“I am honored that GSP Airport has decided to name the restaurant after the community that I grew up in. In fact, I was the first baseman for the Flatwood Peaches from 1944-1955. I am thrilled that everyone who comes to eat here will know exactly what the Flatwood community is all about,” said F. E. Hendrix, Flatwood representative.

Check out this video of Mr. Hendrix cutting the ribbon, officially opening Flatwood Grill to the public:

Happy travels!

– The Terminal

Construction Update: Photo of the new North Wing ticketing space

As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, the construction wall that separated the Delta ticketing counter from the North Wing came down last night. Check out the new space where US Airways, American Airlines and United will be temporarily operating in the North Wing.


We are loving all these developments at our hometown airport!

Happy travels,

– The Terminal

Construction Update: New baggage claims concessions officially open!

If you flew out of GSP today, you may have noticed the wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee and extra activity in the baggage claim area from our newest concessions!! As of 4:00am, Dunkin Donuts, Hudson, and Flatwood Grill are all open for business and already providing travelers with delicious food, reading material, and other travel necessities.

Next time you are passing through GSP, be sure to grab a bite to eat at Flatwood Grill! With breakfast served all day and a range of American fare, Flatwood Grill is sure to become a traveler favorite! Check out their menu below.


Stay tuned for more construction updates as we continue making your hometown airport even better.

Happy travels,

– The Terminal

Construction Update: Thomas Creek Grill and RJ Rockers Flight Room are OPEN!

ROCK173-main-menu-finalExciting news from GSP! RJ Rockers Flight Room and Thomas Creek Grill are officially open for business at GSP, so the next time you fly through GSP, come hungry!

RJ Rockers Flight Room is offering three brand new special sauces made with their most popular beers. We can’t pick a favorite, so try them all and let us know what you think! These “craft concoctions” top off their yummy appetizers, salads, wraps, and main course meals – check out the menu for more offerings!

Next time you’re in Concourse B, stop by RJ Rockers Flight Room and get ready to get down with these special sauces and grab plenty of napkins!

Concourse A is now home to Thomas Creek Grill, so on your way back from your destination, stop by to try their Palmetto Pretzel Bites served with their very own “Up the Creek” white Cheddar beer sauce…it’s delicious! And make sure to try “The Clucker” the next time we fly to taste the new Dockside Pilsner Mustard. With so many choices, it looks like we are going to be flying a lot more often!


You can’t go wrong at either one of GSP’s newest concourse restaurants.

Wishing you tasty travels!

– The Terminal

North Wing Construction Update

North Wing construction is really moving forward! The airline ticket counters are installed, the escalators and elevators are in place and the restroom fixtures and tiles are almost complete. Once the construction crews complete their work, scheduled for the end of May, the Airport District plans to put the finishing touches on the North Wing so that it can open to the public in mid-June.

Take a look at the great progress being made below.

05.13.14 northwing construction collage

And just in case you were wondering why the airline ticket counters are moving to the North Wing, let us explain – Part of the North Wing’s current construction includes the installation of temporary ticket counters, pictured above right.

As we have mentioned, the North Wing will temporarily house all of our airline ticket counters and ticketing offices so that the core of the terminal can close for some amazing renovations. Those renovations will include new ticket counters, a consolidated TSA screening checkpoint, and the Grand Hall, which will provide additional retail, food and beverage options for passengers.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of how the core of the terminal will look once completed!

05.13.14 northwing renderings collage

Stay tuned to learn more about how WINGSPAN is elevating the Upstate.

Happy travels,

– The Terminal