FFF: Four Meditation Techniques for Travelers

Traveling can be unpredictable, whether it’s getting to the airport, shuffling through security or preparing for takeoff. Meditation can help reduce the anxiety and stress of your next journey. Here are some meditation techniques to help you breathe easier during your next trip!


Meditation is about mindfulness-being aware of ourselves. Before you leave your home and begin your adventure, take time for yourself. Create a personal mantra – a tool for thought that will help you cope with what’s ahead. Close your eyes and begin to inhale slowly. While inhaling, repeat your mantra silently in your head, perhaps saying, ‘I am calm,’ and exhale slowly. Repeat the process a few times while breathing through your nostrils.

En Route

Meditation may be your answer to flying in peace. Imagine a smooth and easy airport experience: a short line at security, walking to the gate at your own pace and calmly boarding the plane. Your anxiety and fears will decrease if you practice a positive mindset.

Walk it Out!

Whether in security, walking to your gate or on a long flight-it’s important to bust a move. Stand up and get your joints moving. Breathe deeply with each step, focus on the movement of your heel, then toe, hitting the ground with ease.

In & Out

A key part of meditation is breathing. Conduct deep diaphragmatic breathing for a count of five. Breathe out as if you are blowing out a candle, this will trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, and calm your anxiety.

So, breathe deep and think happy thoughts on your next adventure!

Till next time,

The Terminal


New at GSP: valet parking!

Traveling can be hectic as you rush to make your flight on time. One goal GSP and the WINGSPAN project strive to achieve is to make traveling easier for you. Now we offer valet parking! With valet parking, travelers can arrive at the airport with ease knowing that they have a guaranteed parking spot that will not take up any extra time to find. Another perk is valet parking is curbside so you will have a short walk to the terminal. Valet parking operates near the daily parking entrance, and costs $16 a day.

We are excited for these new features and feel that it’ll enhance the experience of our travelers!

Until next time,

The Terminal


Meet the artist: Dimitar Lukanov

GSP installed its latest masterpiece called Waterfall of Light. This large sculpture sits inside a water fountain located near the ticket counters and the new conference center. Waterfall of Light was created by New York Artist, Dimitar Lukanov.

It stands 19 feet tall and is made up of 250 light-filled filigree steel elements and 300 feet of bent steel tubing. Lukanov says the sculpture is a symbol of a visual crossroad. People from different places travel all over the world but airports are where they meet. This art piece is a reflection of that.  The sculpture is called Waterfall of Light because the steel in the sculpture symbolizes a never-ending gesture of movement and wellspring of life. The sculpture also encompasses a symbol of growth, renewal and continuum. This sculpture was uniquely designed as an authentic drawing in the air, using no technology to extrapolate the sculpture’s development.

Dimitar Lukanov is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and studied art in Paris and New York, receiving his MFA from Columbia University. He is the recipient of several grants and was commissioned by JFK International Airport in 2006 to create a sculpture for the Arrivals Hall of terminal four. The JFK airport enjoyed his sculpture so much, it commissioned him once more to create an additional three monumental sculptures. He is a member of the Chile Association of Painters and Sculptors and has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Paris, Moscow, Miami, Mexico City, Milan and more.

IMG_2682 copy

GSP’s Community Garden

A new and exciting project is bringing healthy, fresh, local produce to GSP Airport.

GSP partnered with Delta Airlines, American Airlines and the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to plant a community garden that will grow seasonal produce for employees and the community. For the garden’s first planting, garden volunteers planted lettuce, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, carrots, onions, radishes and herbs!

The garden “will provide an opportunity for airport district and airport tenant employees to work collaboratively to plant and grow food and thereby encourage healthy behavior,” said Rosylin Weston, Vice President of communications for the airport district.

What is grown from the community garden could potentially be used in dishes created and served at the airport’s restaurants. And eventually the garden can serve as a tool for community partnerships with local food banks and other food groups within the community.

Check out the 4-by-12-foot raised beds off GSP Drive next to the Facilities Administration the next time you fly GSP! Read more about our community gardens here, and be sure to stay tuned on social media!

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The Terminal


Call for Artists


The WINGSPAN renovations would not be complete without beautiful art to complement the new GSP.  Seven public art pieces have already been commissioned and six have been installed throughout the airport. And now GSP has put the call out for seven more pieces to complement our updated spaces.

If you have created a public art piece before, we encourage you to apply! We are looking for art that will enhance travelers’ experiences in the airport and want this art to focus on three main themes:

Where we live…integration of water and landscape

Where we’ve come from…an emphasis on Greenville’s history as the textile capital of the world

Where we’re going…emphasizing technology in the Upstate

The deadline is March 1! To learn more visit

Need inspiration? Check out some of our already featured artwork on the WINGSPAN blog. We can’t wait to see your work!

-The Terminal


Valentine’s Day Contest


Looking for ideas for the perfect romantic dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day? GSP has got one lucky couple covered! Enter to win a dinner for two at The Strip Club 104 Steak House in Greer! To enter take a photo in our Valentine’s Day life-sized photo frame located on the first floor of the terminal in front of our Boy Aviator statue.


Once you have snapped a picture in the frame, tag GSP Airport on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You’ve only got three days until the lucky winner is announced via social media! Ready, set… take your picture!

Until next time,

The Terminal


Vote for Thomas Creek Brewery


Thomas Creek Grill, a unique dining option from Thomas Creek Brewery is up on the polls for Best Airport Bar/Restaurant Wait Staff! Thomas Creek Grill is located on concourse A in the airport. It opened in 2014, at the beginning of the WINGSPAN renovation. Adding Thomas Creek Grill has allowed us to expand our concessions offerings for passengers and feature local vendors.

The family owned and operated microbrewery is famous around the Upstate and has been serving specialty beer to its loyal fan base since 1998. Founder and Brewmaster, Tom Davis, has been in the brewing industry for over 20 years and oversees the creation of each beer.

From their Palmetto Pretzel Bites to their fresh brews to their friendly staff, it’s hard not to love this family-owned grill! Vote for them at! Voting ends on Monday, February 13 at noon ET and we need your help to make them number one!

Until Next time,

The Terminal


FFF: Best Places to Travel to in 2017


Believe it or not, it’s 2017, and the annual top places to travel lists are already out. Perhaps your new year’s resolution is to travel more or maybe it will inspire you to travel. Either way, check out some of the best places you should visit in 2017 according to CNN.

Colombia- From the country’s president earning a Nobel Peace Prize to Pope Francis possibly visiting Colombia, the commitment to better the country has brought visitors from around the world. There’s a lot to love about the beautiful country like it’s delicious coffee, beautiful beaches, intricate architecture and so much more.  

Australia- Speaking of beautiful beaches, Australia carries the Great Barrier Reef and many other beautiful sea critters. Additionally, the city of Melbourne is the country’s foodie capital.

Katahdin Wood and Waters National Monument- Don’t feel like leaving the states? Maine’s 87,000-acre national monument offers activities all year round. Take a hike during the summer and cool off by jumping in one of the park’s ponds, rivers or streams. Can’t go until winter time? Pack your snow boots and enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and more.

Where will you travel to in 2017? Wherever it may be, we hope to see you come through GSP Airport! Check out the rest of the list, here.

Until next time,

The Terminal


More New Public Art: Terrazo Tile by Joan Weissman

If you’re flying to or from GSP and look down, you may find yourself looking at a piece of art. The art is made from terrazzo tile, a decorative flooring material. GSP’s terrazzo tile pieces were created by Joan Weissman, an artist based in New Mexico.

The recently installed terrazzo tile is located on the second floor of the Grand Hall in GSP, on both the A and B sides of the terminal. Both pieces represent the Upstate and incorporate chips of marble, granite, glass, shell and quartz, all held together by colored cement or epoxy. When installed, each section is outlined and separated by narrow strips of metal, and then filled by hand with the wet pebbled mixture as you’ll see below.



Once these steps are done and dry, the floor is ground smooth and highly polished with the result of this:



Although the piece above is somewhat abstract, it may trigger a memory of one of your favorite outdoor spots in the Upstate. The first image of the complete tile piece is named, “River Bank,” and the second piece with leaf-like figures is named, “Autumn at Table Rock.” Notice the resemblance?

We hope you enjoy these beauties the next time you’re walking through the Grand Hall! Snap a pic a let us know your thoughts. To learn more about Joan Weissman and her work visit her website at

Until next time,

The Terminal


Local gift guide

Looking for that last minute souvenir that represents the Upstate before you board your flight? GSP’s newest gift shop, added during WINGSPAN renovations, has you covered. Hudson News offers a one stop shop to meet your traveling needs, whether it’s a comfortable travel pillow, headphones or a book. But did you know Hudson also carries various items made in the Upstate? They make the perfect gift plus you’re supporting a local business. You can find Hudson News in the Grand Hall, once you pass security checkpoint.

Dottie’s Toffee

Since 1976, Dottie’s Toffee has been handmade in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Grab a bag or two (or three) at Hudson News to surprise your loved ones with a sweet treat!


Blue Moon Spices

Chris “Wishbone” Walker crafts his spices,sauces and prepared foods in his commercial kitchen in downtown Spartanburg. Blue Moon started as hobby and a stall at the local farmers market and  is now a full-time job and business for Walker. The spices are perfect for seasoning meats and veggies. Our favorite is the Yep Shake!


Books on Local History
The Upstate’s rich history includes many great stories about baseball, farming, the textile industry and, of course, its people. Pick up one of several books about local lore for your favorite history buff.


Whenever you are traveling in and out of GSP and you have time to kill, feel free to check out the new Hudson News store and experience Upstate South Carolina.

Until next time,

The Terminal