Coming soon: Another touch of the Upstate at GSP!

As part of the WINGSPAN’s $125 million renovation program, GSP is adding another touch of the Upstate, Palmetto Distillery. Set to open this summer, Palmetto Distillery was founded by two brothers and entrepreneurs from Anderson, South Carolina. Born and raised in the South, Trey and Brian Boggs were inspired by their own heritage, which in turn inspired them to create Palmetto Distillery, South Carolina’s first legal moonshine distillery.

Their mission is to honor the heritage of South Carolina’s liquor production by creating a whiskey of unparalleled taste and quality. On the website, the brothers say, “We take pride in creating products that showcase the colorful history of the Palmetto State and the deep connection our brands have to South Carolina.”

GSP has a deep connection to its South Carolina home, so this couldn’t be a more perfect fit! Going to visit an out-of-town friend? Bring them a little taste of the South!

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