Construction update: It’s a bird? It’s a crane!

IMG_0716We have a lot of work going on to build the new core of the airport, and for the installation of steel, one of the most important pieces of equipment we have are our cranes. These cranes serve several purposes for this phase of WINGSPAN:

1. Demolition of the old structures requires a crane to lift the heavy components from their existing locations and move them onto outgoing trucks.

2. New steel pieces and heavy equipment are brought to the airport on trucks, and the cranes are the only way crews can unload these trucks to store the material until it is needed.

3. When the site is ready, the cranes will lift the new materials and place them into the correct locations as the workers secure the materials.

05.26.15 collage 1

Bringing cranes to an airport brings a special set of considerations. Before we can even bring a crane onto the airport facility, we must first file a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen, or a written notification to pilots before a flight advising them of special circumstances) to the FAA to get approval on an object that will be higher than any existing feature currently onsite.

05.26.15 collage 2

Additionally, on each crane, a flag and a light beacon must be on the highest point at all times and the crane’s boom must be lowered when not in use.

For this construction project, we are using several cranes simultaneously and moving them around to maximize their reach.

IMG_0763Once the structural steel is erected, most of the heavy lifting equipment such as cranes will be removed from the project.

Keep checking back for more updates on WINGSPAN renovations!

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– The Terminal

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