TSA Checkpoint

Construction Update: TSA Checkpoint

TSA Checkpoint

It’s been two months since we merged our TSA checkpoints into a centralized screening area and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our travelers. Thank you for your patience during this phase of construction as we worked to shorten wait times with this new feature.

While we realize going through security is not everyone’s favorite part of travel, we’re still working to make improvements that will create a better all-around experience. For example, have you noticed the water walls on either side of the new TSA checkpoint?  They have a dual purpose! They’re a nice new aesthetic detail, but the sound of water flowing is also intended to create a more serene environment. While that may not give you extra minutes when you’re rushing to catch a flight, it may help soothe your nerves as you take off your shoes.

And, we have more to come! Before the year ends there will be new artwork going in the water walls from two different artists.  Amy Baur’s and Michael Krondl’s glass pieces will further help create a sense of place at the airport and celebrate Upstate themes of textiles, water and technology.

Construction continues but we wanted to take a moment to show our gratitude and give you a preview of what’s to come! Next week we’ll show you our new talking security doors!

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