Construction Update: We’re making progress!

Hello my favorite travelers!

Many apologies for my absence as of late. There is just so much going on at the airport right now and with the holiday traffic I just had to enjoy the obligatory people watching that comes with it (spoiler alert: it was magnificent!).

I am here to tell you that, in spite of the rain and nasty weather we have been having recently, we are still on schedule to unveil the consolidated security checkpoint, the baggage screening operation and the airline ticket offices in February! That’s right, in a few short months, when you come to the airport, you will be greeted by this beautiful sight:


This week, our incredible construction team will start on the renovations in Concourse B, which includes the installation of sprinklers and electrical systems, the painting for the window frames and ceiling, and the placing of tile flooring. Once the tile work is complete, carpeting will be placed in the airline gate and holding areas.



The carpet installation will happen in small sections, so only a small area will be blocked off at a time during the installation. Not all gate holding areas will be closed at one time, so you will still be able to access your desired gate—just keep an eye out for signs showing you where to go.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation with our team as we work to make our beloved airport even better than before.

Until next time, safe travels you wonderful humans!

-The Wall

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