FFF: Airport Libraries

A long layover usually means one thing for every traveler –  boredom in the airport terminal. In times like these, many people turn to reading to keep them entertained, whether it be a magazine, book or their e-readers. For these travelers the growing concept of airport libraries is helping them pass the time.

The concept of airport libraries began in 1962 when the Nashville International Airport opened the first library branch within an airport, complete with an enthused librarian who took the airport parking fee out of her paycheck. The trend has continued and now airport libraries can be found in places such as San Francisco, Seattle, Michigan, Kansas and Fort-Lauderdale.

Now, numerous airports are finding ways to supply travelers with reading materials outside of traditional library. One example can be seen at Finland’s Helsinki Airport where a dedicated 24/7 book swap area was established for passengers to pick up a book, drop one off or just spend time sitting and reading. Another recent trend is the availability to download free E-books through QR codes that are posted throughout airports.


– The Terminal

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