FFF: Benefits and Tips for Restricted Travelers


Don’t let wheelchairs or motorized scooters curtail worldwide adventures. With a little advice and encouragement, disabled travelers can successfully navigate and benefit from elaborate voyages. The New York Times spoke with Barry Cohen, who travels with his son Terry Cohen, to compile a list of benefits and savvy tips for a fruitful trip!

Medical Benefits
Unbeknown to many, there are enormous medical benefits for disabled people who travel. Handicapped people often sleep easier, feel less stressed and engage in more activity than normal when traveling. Disabled travelers also free their mind in travel mode, by interacting with new surroundings.

Loyal Companion
A helpful and attentive companion is a must! Travel with a person, or group of people, who can understand the physical limits of the person travelling. People who remain cool under pressure will thrive in any destination.

 Plan Ahead!
Don’t attempt a last minute trip and always plan ahead. Confirm locations are mobility friendly by calling ahead of time to ensure full accessibility. This will save time and prevent stress!

Friendly Destinations-Far and Wide
The U.S. and Canada are very accommodating to those with disabilities. Germany and Thailand are very helpful places-where people will go the distance to aid the disabled.

For more information on how disabled travelers can make the most of travelling the world, visit The New York Times for more information!

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