FFF: Celebrating 100 Years of Flight


In 1916, Pacific Aero Products Company in Seattle was founded by William Boeing and later renamed as Boeing Airplane Company. The company built commercial and military aircrafts, eventually establishing an airline and international postal line in 1919. Today, Boeing is the face of American aviation and the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircrafts. The company controls half the market for jet aircraft, next to military jets and helicopters, missile systems and space technology.

Boeing put this legacy on display at this year’s Farnborough airshow that took place last week. Alternating annually with its sister show in Paris, the airshow is one of the most important events in aviation. Marking Farnborough’s 100-year anniversary as well, its organizers unveiled an aerial display that paid homage to Boeing’s roots. Boeing’s most iconic aircrafts participated in flying displays, along with interactive displays showcasing the company’s past, present and future technologies.

“Having this role as we approach our centennial, you have this sense of humbleness about the significance of the company,” said CEO Dennis Muilenburg. “You think about what happened over the last 100 years. We went literally from walking on Earth to walking on the moon… from riding horses to flying in airplanes and spaceships.”

In addition to celebrating a century-long rise to becoming one of the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers, Boeing also celebrated courting new business in outer space. From rocket and satellite technology to deep space exploration and even space tourism, the legendary company quite literally reaching for the stars. Even so, commercial aircraft services will always be at the foundation of business for Boeing.

“Our commercial airplane business today is 60% to 70% of our business base,” said Muilenburg. “It’s got a great historic past and huge growth opportunities ahead. That is at our very core, and we’ll continue to build and leverage that.”

To learn more of Boeing’s history and more, take an interactive look of 100 years of aircrafts. Happy anniversary, Boeing!

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