FFF: “Fashion in Flight”

Within nearly nine decades of flight, female flight attendant uniforms have had a history of rich and sometimes outlandish style. From go-go boots to power suits, airline uniforms have long been a part of cultural couture. In fact, popular couture houses like Dior, Chanel and Valentino have all at one point designed for airline clientele. Contrary to uniformity, vintage air hostess fashion was vibrantly customized and imaginative. In the golden age of flight within the 1950-60’s, one airline had its hostesses wear bright colored coats with bubble space helmets!

Much like company branding, stewardess uniforms were a part of an airline’s visual identity and made them unique.  Similarly, unique designers benefited through branding with large-scale airline campaigns that brought large publicity. To this day, designs by prominent fashion figures, like Kate Spade and Vivianne Westwood, continue to keep fashion in flight. In tribute to iconic aviation fashion, the SFO Museum at San Francisco International Airport, has recently added a “Fashion in Flight” exhibition. This exhibition includes 70 pieces of featured airline uniform ensembles and accessories dating from 1930 to the present. To take a look at these flight attendant uniform designs throughout the decades and more, check it out here.


Source: Madison Park, for CNN

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