FFF: Flying Cars become a reality

05.16.14 terrrafugia2Getting tired of sitting in traffic for countless hours? If so, personal transportation is moving to the next level!  An aerospace company located in Woburn, MA called Terrafugia strives to transform personal travel. Terrafugia is dedicated to the development, testing, certification and production of their “flying car,” The Transition.

The Transition is a fixed wing street legal aircraft that fits in a single car garage and is designed to be flown in and out of general aviation airports.  It is designed to be easy and fun to fly and is extremely simple to convert between flying and driving modes.”

Everyone is always talking about the future and how one day we will drive flying cars. Terrafugia has made this a reality and has been flying prototypes of Transition since 2009. The company is very close to getting it to the market.

The question is do you have to become a pilot in order to drive/fly this flying car? The answer is “sort of yes.” In order to fly the Transition the consumer would be required to have at least a sport pilot’s license. This requires 20 hours of flight time. However, with its new prototype, TF-X, the company believes just five hours is sufficient for users to learn how to operate the TF-X vehicle. No one is sure when this new invention will make its debut, but Terrafugia is devoted to making the first flying car happen!

05.16.14 terrrafugia

Avoid traffic and get much closer to your final destination by air! Find more about Terrafugia and their mission at http://www.terrafugia.com/

Until flying cars are on the market, stick to the skies with GSP!

Happy travels,

-The Terminal

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