FFF: How to Survive a 24-hour flight


Most travelers dread extensive flights. Beside the essentials of comfortable clothing, headphones and an eye mask, it’s hard to be prepared. So, travel aficionados Atlas & Boots have compiled a list of their go to tips for lengthy flights around the world.

A First-Rate Seat

A superb seat is a must on any flight! Especially a 24-hour flight. Whether flying alone or with company, consider sitting near the wings or middle of the plane. Sitting closer to the wings of the plane results in a stable, less turbulent flight. If you are travelling with a group, consider the site Seat Guru to map out a seating chart.

Close Quarters

Enjoy the company around you, because you are in it for the long haul! Don’t forget to be direct if an issue arises. If something is bothering you, such as a child kicking your seat, be polite and address the problem early on. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable flight.

Bust a Move!

Stretch your legs frequently. Take a stroll around the cabin to utilize forgotten muscles. It keeps your blood flowing and gives you something to do.

Food Conscious

No Chipotle this time! On longer flights it is recommended to eat light, avoiding carbs, caffeine and alcohol. Not only will sugar and carbs bloat you, but alcohol will dehydrate your body. So, water is a must!

Hydration Station

Moisturize your face and body. Your skin will thank you for replenishing its glow!

For more information on how to make the most of extended in air travel, visit  Atlas & Boots for more information!

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Image Source: CNN Money

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