FFF: Items Not To Pack When Traveling


While there are some who are truly gifted at packing, there are others who attempt to pack for every occasion, circumstance and possible weather conditions. If this sounds familiar, here are a few items you can leave at home this upcoming trip:

Shampoo — While it might seem like a small necessity, it is one that is provided free in hotels and available in stores everywhere you go. Unless you plan on being deserted on an island, you can leave this item in your personal bathroom.

Clothes for every occasion — Girls, we tend to be victims of the awful fear of not having that one black dress given the right opportunity to wear it. The best option when packing for unexpected adventures is to pack versatile clothing you are able to wear for multiple occasions. A single pair of black jeans and nice top is perfect for both guys and gals.

Gadgets — Let’s face it, you do not need your iPhone, laptop, iPod, iPad and multiple technology accessories. Leave your toys at home, and experience your vacation through your own eyes. Chances are anyway; your iPhone can do all of your desired tasks in one.

Guidebooks It’s 2016 and once again you most likely have a smart phone that can answer your every question. If not, there are hotel staff and locals who know the best spots from experience.

Your entire medical cabinet While taking your needed medication is one, every other medicine and a medical kit is another. Take the medicine you really need and leave all of the others that can be bought or provided at home.

Workout gear — Sure, foreign food and drinks can cause you to gain a couple of pounds… But, if you’re taking full advantage of your travel destination, walking around and looking at stuff will burn all those calories. If you feel the urge for extra sweat, do a home workout in your hotel room.

Sunscreen — Just another item sold everywhere. You don’t need it taking up space in your luggage, or worse, spilling in your luggage.

Valuables — Having something you love lost, stolen or broken is the best way to have your trip ruined. Avoid the heartache by keeping those beloved items in the safety of your own home.

A pillow — We all have that favorite pillow we love to snuggle, but like everything else mentioned, it only takes up unnecessary space. Even little travel sized pillows can be an excessive pain to carry. Try bundling up a jacket or other items of clothing that can be easily packed back into a carry-on.

To sum this up, just avoid packing ANYTHING that involves the thought…”what if X random situation happens?” If one really comes up, which they rarely do; do with what you have — the essentials. For more possible items not to pack, check out this article on packing traveling tips.

-The Terminal

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