FFF: New inflight maps entertain the ‘are we there yet?’ crowd

New “geo-entertainment programs” are popping up, showing travelers up to the minute information about their current location.

This year, Singapore Airlines started trialing Hidden Journeys, a new program that delivers information to passengers in real time. The interactive maps include nature photography, destination guides and fun facts, and might soon be a portal to make purchases like renting cars or booking hotels rooms. Hidden Journey maps feature content curated by The Royal Geographical Society with IBG and was developed by software company Airborne Interactive.

“I think people just love to know where they are, and what’s down there. It’s quite a simple thing, really,” says Ben Jarman, the project manager for Hidden Journeys.


New routes are being added all the time on Hidden Journeys, and but more airlines have started to tap into the interactive map market. Other trendsetters include Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, who launched Betria Interactive’s new FlightPath3D moving map, which doubles as a destination guide complete with recommendations for restaurants, hotels and city tours.

“The goal is to entertain, educate and engage the passenger, and put richer information into their hands,” says Betria president Boris Veksler.

This new technology doesn’t get you to your destination any faster, but it sure makes the ride a lot more interesting!

Happy travels,

-The Terminal

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