FFF: New Seats Designed to Accommodate Wider Range of Travelers

SANTO Seat (photo credit telegraph.co.uk)
SANTO Seat (photo credit telegraph.co.uk)

For decades, traditional aircraft seats have always been between 17 and 21 inches wide. However, this one-size-fits-all mentality isn’t always realistic. For special needs passengers or those traveling with small children, these standard seat sizes can prove to be more trouble than necessary.

Recently, a German manufacturer sought to end this trend with a new design that caters to travelers who require more room. The SANTO Seat— which stands for Special Accommodation Needs for Toddlers and Overweight Passengers—won the Crystal Cabin Award for “Passenger Comfort Hardware,” and is designed to be beneficial for both airlines and passengers.

The seat is one and a half times the width of a normal seat and would be installed where the fuselage narrows—a normally wasted space at the rear of the aircraft. For passengers with special needs, this seat would be a safer and more comfortable alternative to the standard seat.

While the SANTA Seat may not be appearing on commercial flights anytime soon, experts agree that airlines will soon need to provide better accommodations for special needs passengers.

Read the full article about this new design and keep an eye out for more Flyer Fact Fridays and construction updates right here on the WINGSPAN blog.

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