FFF: Second Lives of Airplanes

Have you ever wondered what happens to airplanes after they take their final flight? With new aircraft technology constantly on the rise, old airplanes are being retired every year and replaced by newer models. So what happens to these massive machines once their flying days are over? After all, you can’t just toss a 95,000-pound airplane into a garbage can.

According to the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, up to 12,000 aircrafts are expected to be decommissioned by 2020, meaning aircraft owners must find ways of dealing with the retirees.  People have gotten rather creative with the ways they are re-purposing these aircrafts. See below for some interesting ways old planes have been re-furbished!

Rainforest hotel suite from a Boeing 727

This exclusive suite at the Hotel Costa Verde on the coast of Costa Rica was Boeing 727 in it’s former life. For $250 a night ($500 during peak season) you can sleep next to tropical beaches in an airplane.

Store front made from airplane bio-luminum

At the Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto you will find the storefront of Kiehl’s stands out from the other retailers as it is decked out with Bio-Luminum bricks. “One of Kiehl’s founding fathers,  Aaron Morse,  was a military pilot and collected stunt planes. A significant aspect of Kiehl’s heritage and brand references Mr. Morse’s passion for flying and adventure,” says Tom Berroth, Global Store Designer at Kiehl’s.

A house from a Boeing 747

In Malibu, you can find the “Wing House” made from the wing of a Boeing 747 and designed by architect David Hertz. The roof looks durable, but can you imagine what it sounds like when it rains?


– The Terminal


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