FFF: ‘Star Wars’ Jets Take to the Sky

If you happen to be flying from Japan to Los Angeles anytime soon, the force may be with you. All Nippon Airways (ANA) has painted three of its Boeing Jets to resemble the infamous droids from the Star Wars trilogy. Whether you’re a star wars fanatic or just a regular traveler, you can’t help but admire the classic Star Wars theme that even runs throughout the cabin.

ANA’s jets include a Boeing 787 Dreamliner (above) with a very recognizable R2-D2 theme. The latest addition to their fleet features the newest droid from the recent release of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ The box office record-breaking sequel introduced BB-8, whose likeness is shown on the airlines’ brand new Boeing 777. The fleet also includes a Boeing 767 that showcases both droids on the inside and out.

Find more details about these new Star Wars inspired jets in a recent Flying Magazine Article. Stay tuned for next week’s Flyer Fact Friday as well as our weekly update on what’s happening around the airport.

– The Terminal

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