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FFF: Suitcases of the Future

Look out, because here comes the suitcase that takes all the stress out of travel. That’s right, there is now a suitcase that is capable of weighing itself, finding itself, and even charging your phone.

A company called Raden has recently unveiled their new smart bags that can provide you with all the information you need to make your trip worry free. Raden’s goal is “giving humanity to an appliance,” says founder and CEO Josh Udashkin. They have been doing just that with features such as geo-location and self-weighing built into the handle.

The bag’s features are accessed easily through their app that connects from your phone using Bluetooth. Just enter your flight details into the app and it will send you a notification when your luggage enters the baggage carousel. You can even use the self-weighing function and it will tell you what additional fees apply if you’ve over packed.

The bags can be purchased from Raden’s website in two sizes, small ($295) or large ($395). They come in a range of colors from black and white to hunter green and baby blue. Raden aims to be user friendly so if you ever have a problem they have integrated their customer service into the app as well.

The company has received many offers from a number of investors including First Round Capital (also invested in Warby Parker and Birchbox), and private investors such as Silas Chou of Michael Kors. “You’ve got to make that one perfect thing,” said Mr. Udashkin. “I’m trying to make one perfect polycarbonate suitcase.” For more product information check them out on their website.

Find more details about Raden in a recent New York Times article. Stay tuned for next week’s Flyer Fact Friday as well as our weekly update on what’s happening around the airport.

– The Terminal

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