FFF: Tips for Traveling with your fur child


Traveling with your pup? Here are a few tips that may help make the experience a little easier for you and your canine companion.

First, if you have a few months or weeks where you can take a practice trip, take your dog on a local day trip, or even out to a dog park and lunch afterwards. This will get your pet accustomed to becoming a traveler and comfortable in unfamiliar settings.

Another way you can get your pet accustomed to traveling is by crate training. Your pet may feel some anxiety while traveling if they are not used to being in a crate. Train them to feel at home in their crate, and you’ll be smooth cruising.

Don’t forget to pack for you fur child as well! Food, toys, and possibly a comfortable dog bed if you have room.

There are many tips to consider if you travel with your pet, so read the full article of tips, here. After all, life is not about where you go, but the people, and the furry friends, you share it with.

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