FFF: Travelling luggage

Do you find yourself constantly rushing to make a flight? Micro Luggage might just be the luggage for you. Unlike most rolling suitcases, Micro Luggage is actually a scooter with a carry-on sized bag attached to the front. With scooters making a comeback on sidewalks, this scooter suitcase could be what saves a flyer from missing their flight.

The suitcase is big enough to fit all mid-flight essentials—a laptop, a couple of books, delicate souvenirs, and any travel documents. Micro Luggage comes in two designs: a standard black and silver version and a specialized version with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.  If you’re looking to save the workout for another day, there’s also a motorized suitcase available called Modobag.

Maybe next time we’ll see you rolling through GSP, cruising with plenty of time.

-The Terminal


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