FFF: Ways to be an eco-friendly traveler

GSP has implemented sustainable practices such as, rain water harvesting, the use of solar hot water, day-lighting systems and more. But we understand that sometimes it can be tough to stay true to the environment in a world full of top-notch accommodations that are not always eco-friendly. Below are small ways you can be eco-friendly while traveling.

  1. Take a reusable water bottle

According to the Pacific Institute, the oil used in the production of plastic water bottles are enough energy to fuel more than a million cars and light trucks for a year. So, instead of turning to a plastic water bottle or to-go cup, consider travelling with a reusable water bottle that you can wash out when needed.

  1. Choose E-Tickets instead of paper

Save a tree and choose to pull up your ticket on your smart device. This is a simple way to save paper and avoid a chance of misplacing your paper ticket.

  1. Put your laptop to sleep

This is a win-win way to save your laptop’s battery life and save some energy for the earth!

There are several other ways to keep the earth’s wellness in mind while traveling, and you can check them out here!

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