Five travel accessories you should always pack

Travel tech and gear expert David Dean reviews eight “tiny travel accessories you really need to pack,” but we have picked our top five from his list for today’s Flyer Fact Friday.


In no particular order, here are our five favorite pieces of travel gear we will be packing from now on:


1.30.15.FFF_Power-adapter5. Travel plug adapter
This one is for our overseas travelers – remember to check what kind of power sockets are used at your final destination! In the meantime, you can throw one of these little adapters into your carry-on and not worry about finding a usable power source when your battery is at 5%.


4. Travel umbrella
Protect yourself from the elements, be it rain or too much shine by throwing a travel umbrella in your bag.


3. Bottle opener or corkscrew
Always pack a travel-sized corkscrew with a built-in bottle opener to ensure you don’t find yourself searching for a desk clerk after hours when you need to open that beer or bottle of wine.


2. Notepad and pen
Throw a small notepad with tear out pages and a pen or two into your bag just in case you find yourself in need (giving the hotel address to your taxi driver, asking locals for recommendations, or asking someone to draw a map). Go old-school and you won’t need to rely on solely your phone!



1. Earplugs
Whether you find yourself on a noisy plane trying to read or you’re losing sleep because of hotel construction, these are sure to be a valuable addition to any carry-on, and most come in their own plastic carrying case so you won’t lose them.


Read the full list of necessary travel accessories here, and stay tuned for the latest from WINGSPAN.


Happy travels,


-The Terminal

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