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Flyer Fact Friday: Automated Lighting System Update

Last month we shared with our readers one aspect of the WINGSPAN program that will help GSP increase sustainability, the implementation of an automated lighting system. We’ve explained what an automated lighting system does and how it works, but today we wanted to breakdown exactly how this system will be utilized at GSP.

A low voltage lighting control system will be integrated which will optimize energy efficiency. The goal is to have all fixtures, with the exception of emergency units and security lighting, automatically shut off when the space is not occupied or lit by sunlight. This system will involve:

  • A day lighting system that will be implemented where architectural features of the building provide adequate levels of sunlight
  • Occupancy sensors will be installed where appropriate that will automatically shut lights off when the area is un-occupied
  • Manual overdrives will be installed for all automated areas

The lighting that you will see in open public spaces will consist of a combination of direct and indirect fluorescent sources providing a constant illumination throughout all open space and highlighting specific architectural features. The public waiting spaces will be equipped with high quality semi-custom specialty fixtures to create a comfortable environment for all GSP travelers.

We can’t wait to install this automated lighting system, making our hometown airport more sustainable. Stay tuned for updates as we get close to the implementation date of the new system.

– The Terminal

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