Flyer Fact Friday: Inside the World of Carpets for Airports

07.10.15 FFF carpets of the worldGeorge Pendle was a nervous flier.

One day, his flight was delayed and he sat staring at the carpet in the airport waiting area. It was here, as he watched the patterns leap from the carpet, that he decided to create his website, Carpets for Airports. CNN Travel recently ran an article touting the “durable nylon wonderland” featured in Pendle’s website.

Carpets for Airports features snapshots of carpets from around the world, thanks to the help of ‘Carpeteers’ (a.k.a. passengers with access to a camera).

“Carpets for Airports has over 100 carpets online and about 200 more waiting to be cataloged,” said Pendle, the self-described CEO and summer intern of the website.

07.10.15 FFF carpets of the world screenshot

There’s even an entry for our very own GSP! Take a look here.

Be sure to enjoy the GSP carpet while it lasts. As part of the renovations, we will be installing brand new carpet and floors designed to help passengers navigate the terminal and concourses.

Check in next week to see what else is on the horizon for our airport as we share more construction updates and stay tuned for our next Flyer Fact Friday!

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– The Terminal

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