Flyer Fact Friday: New Airbus design created to speed up boarding process

Imagine a detachable cabin designed to be taken on and off a plane. Sounds a little unrealistic, right? Well, Airbus already imagined it—and now they’re trying to make it the new normal.

Airbus recently patented a cabin design that would help make the boarding process more efficient. The aim of the new design is to help reduce the plane’s turn time, or the amount of time the plane spends on the tarmac.

According to an article in FlyerTalker, the new design features “a removable cabin module, comprising a floor, an upper aircraft fuselage portion connected to the floor, and a first and a second end wall, wherein the first and second end walls, the floor and the upper aircraft fuselage portion form a cabin for transport of passengers, luggage, freight or combinations thereof.”

Essentially, this new design allows passengers to board the cabin module at the gate and, once everyone is seated, the cabin is then hoisted onto the plane and fixed into place. It would allow passengers to be able to pre-seat before the plane actually arrives.

However, there still are a lot of things to consider before this design is integrated into our current airport infrastructure. Don’t hold your breath—this cabin design isn’t showing up in airports anytime soon.

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