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Flyer Fact Friday: The Future of Aircraft Technology

As we settle into 2013, we are reminded not only of how far we have come in the air travel industry, but what opportunities lie ahead. NASA is always leading the way in these forward thinking movements and recently teamed up with world renowned aircraft experts and professional researchers to plan the next generation of aircraft technology.

Three industry teams have been working toward meeting NASA’s goal in making a greener future aircraft that:

–          burns 50% less fuel

–          emits 75% fewer harmful emissions

–          shrinks the size of geographic areas affected by airport noise by 83%

Professor Mark Drela a chief engineer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology gathered an aircraft design team, to create a model of the D8 “double bubble.” In the image below, Mark and his team of researchers position the new aircraft design in a wind tunnel at MIT. The team, which includes Aurora Flight Sciences and Pratt & Whitney, designed the concept for NASA to conserve fuel, reduce emissions and reduce noise.

To view the entire gallery and information on all the concepts that the researchers are working on, visit the NASA website.

The future of GSP is looking bright with WINGSPAN construction well underway. Now we have even more to look forward to and we’re excited to think about what the future of the aircraft industry might bring.

–          The Terminal

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