Flyer Fact Friday: The Truth Behind the Biggest Travel Myths

07.24.15 FFF travel myths

Everyone has their own “truths” when it comes to travel. More often than not, these truths can vary from person to person. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between what’s actually true and what’s false.

We’re here to set the record straight—by giving you the truth behind some of travel’s biggest myths. This list originally appeared in Real Simple.

“Always Book Your Flights On A Tuesdays.”

While this may work for people flying international, it doesn’t apply to flights within the U.S. Next time you book a flight in the states, be sure to start your search on a Sunday. Studies have shown that tickets purchased on Sundays 50 to 100 days prior to travel cost an average of $110 less than the overall average ticket price.

“Always Take The Free Upgrade.”

Who doesn’t want to fly first class? Or stay in a chic hotel suite? Naturally, there are times when the free upgrade is worth taking. However, it isn’t always a good idea. When renting a car, a bigger SUV may mean more room, but it also means more gas money. Before you say yes to the free upgrade, always make sure you weigh the overall costs versus the immediate benefits.

“All-Inclusive Vacations Are A Scam.”

More often than not, an all-inclusive resort will not charge you extra for food or alcohol. However, a cruise is where you can get tricked. While the food may be included, the cost of alcohol or excursions is not—and those charges can add up quickly. Next time you book a trip, make sure you read the fine print first.

“Hostels Are Only For Backpackers.”

While some hostels are better than others, the majority of them have made some much-needed upgrades. Many hostels may now include private family rooms, free Wi-Fi and the promise of a free breakfast. These newly added amenities provide you with the comforts of a hotel, at half the cost. So before you turn up your nose at the mention of a hostel, take a second look. You may be surprised.

Stay tuned for next week’s Flyer Fact Friday as well as our weekly update on what’s happening around the airport.

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