Flyer Fact Friday: Tiny Travel Products That Will Save Your Life

Travel brings a number of opportunities to get sick: cramped planes, busy airports, tainted water, public restrooms, and general exhaustion. SmarterTravel recently highlighted some travel-sized products that can help you stay healthy while on-the-go.

Mini Humidifiers:

Dry air is common in planes, buses, and trains. Breathing in dry air can actually make you more vulnerable to bacteria, increasing your chances of getting sick. AGPtEK makes a travel-sized humidifiers that is powered by a USB outlet, making it easier to breathe in clean air no matter where you are.

Compression Socks:

Long flights, drives, and train rides put travelers at risk for blood clots, which can occur any time you’re sitting stationary for long periods of time. Compression socks, like these from Travelsox, can help stimulate blood flow, reduce swelling, and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (known as DVT).

Cell Phone Sanitizer:

For the cautious traveler that opens a public bathroom door using a tissue because of germs, you might want to be more worried about the cell phone that’s in your pocket. Studies have found that most cell phones have more bacteria than a public bathroom door handle. Since these screens are a part of our everyday life, it is important to keep your phone, tablet, and other electronics clean with specially designed sanitizers like the Wireless Wipes. These gentle cleansers will keep germs away but won’t harm your screens.

Be sure to stay healthy while traveling! And stay tuned for next week’s Flyer Fact Friday as well as our weekly update on what’s happening around the airport.

Safe travels,

– The Terminal


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