Flyer Fact Friday: Worldwide travel alert and what it means for you

Last month the State Department issued a worldwide travel alert cautioning of “increased terrorist threats” across the globe. The alert will be in effect until February 24, 2016.

Although this may mean taking extra precaution when you travel, it does not mean that you need to cut out travel all together. In fact, worldwide travel alerts have been issues a few times since May 2011, so this alert isn’t an extreme cause for worry.

However, it is important to be smart when you travel. Do your research and actually read the worldwide travel alert and what it may mean for your trip. Be aware of the areas that may be more at risk for attacks. Also, if you are visiting a different country, make sure you have the local embassy or consulate’s phone number and address in case of an emergency.

As long as you keep these tips in mind on your next trip, do your research and use your common sense, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a safe trip. The Huffington Post breaks down these tips even further.

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