FFF: From Pillbox Hats to Go-Go Boots: Flight Attendant Style Through the Years

Just as fashion trends change constantly in our daily lives, so does the style of stewardess uniforms. Since 1940, airlines have been searching for uniformed clothing that allows their in-flight employees to look professional but also be comfortable.

Looks of the past evolved from structured military style dress suits in the 1950s to shortened hemlines and knee-high boots in the 1960s to the looser, less form-fitting outfits of the 1990s. Even today, airline style is continuing to change for flight attendants. After two years of deliberation, British Airways recently allowed their female crewmembers the option to wear pants. For some airlines, brand uniforms standards go much further than clothing. Singapore Air flight attendants are given the option of only five hairstyles, one of which is a bun that must measure between 6.5 and 7 centimeters wide. Airlines have even started looking to well-known designers to elevate their in-flight fashion. Last year, Delta asked red-carpet designer Zac Posen to create the look for btheirflight attendants and customer service employees.

Flight attendant uniforms have become part of the flying experience, symbolizing someone who waits on you hand-and-foot during your flight. Visit the full Travel + Leisure article to see photos of how airline hostess style has evolved to blend of fashion and function. Tell us what you think of these styles of the past in the comments section below.

As always, safe travels!

-The Terminal

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