Happy National Coffee Day!

Boy, I sure do love the smell of a nice, hot, steaming cup of coffee in the morning…and really any time of day. There’s nothing better than that jolt you get from a well-brewed caffeinated treat, am I right?

To help celebrate this wonderful national holiday, the Dunkin Donuts in our airport’s baggage claim is giving away a free hot or iced medium dark roast coffee all day today.


So whether you are en route to your next flight or simply in the neighborhood, stop by and enjoy a nice little caffeinated treat on us!

And be sure to share your adventure on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #NationalCoffeeDay and #GSPAirport.

Best of luck, my favorite travelers! May the wind be always at your back and the coffee be always in your cup!

Until next time,

-The Wall

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