How to Survive Travelling This Holiday Season


We know that everyone has turkey and stuffing on the brain this week so we’re condensing our usual two posts to only one.  Many of you will be traveling in the upcoming days, but don’t let the daunting thoughts of increased traffic, longer lines or greater potential for airline delays deter you from making the most of this holiday season. Make sure to take advantage of these practical travel tips and of all the great amenities our WINGSPAN additions have to offer:

Pack light and smart.

Did you know that the average traveler can get by with less than 75% of what they typically pack during a vacation? Take time and thoroughly evaluate the difference between absolute necessities and unneeded luxuries.

While packing, consider what liquids you’ll be bringing and their sizes. To learn more about the liquids rule, visit

And don’t forget that GSP now has a centralized TSA screening point that should make the process quicker for everyone.

Snacks. Snacks. And more Snacks.

An underlying sense of hunger can turn the most minor inconveniences into major annoyances. Thanks to our WINGSPAN additions, there are now 5 places to grab a bite to eat at the airport. They include Flatwood Grill and Dunkin’ Donuts before you go through security, Dunkin Donuts/ Baskin Robbins in the Grand Hall, Thomas Creek Grill in Concourse A and RJ Rockers Flight Rook in Concourse B.

It’s also easy to stay hydrated with our new water bottle stations located in the A and B concourse.

Wait to Wrap.

The TSA recommends waiting until you reach your destination to wrap gifts, because there’s a chance they might need to inspect it for security purposes. But if you forget your gifts or don’t want to worry about packing them, the four Hudson News locations at GSP offer local goodies that make a unique gift for anyone on your list.

Travel Early or Late in the Day.

The best time to travel? When everyone else is still in bed—then use the time you save on the road to nap later in the day. It has also been proven that planes traveling earlier in the day have a better on-time performance, so plan accordingly.

Last but not least… stay patient. There are many people traveling that have never traveled before or don’t have as much travel experience. Take this into consideration and the other tips while traveling and your trip will be nothing but smooth sailing. To see the complete list of tips, click here

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