Meet the artist: Dimitar Lukanov

GSP installed its latest masterpiece called Waterfall of Light. This large sculpture sits inside a water fountain located near the ticket counters and the new conference center. Waterfall of Light was created by New York Artist, Dimitar Lukanov.

It stands 19 feet tall and is made up of 250 light-filled filigree steel elements and 300 feet of bent steel tubing. Lukanov says the sculpture is a symbol of a visual crossroad. People from different places travel all over the world but airports are where they meet. This art piece is a reflection of that.  The sculpture is called Waterfall of Light because the steel in the sculpture symbolizes a never-ending gesture of movement and wellspring of life. The sculpture also encompasses a symbol of growth, renewal and continuum. This sculpture was uniquely designed as an authentic drawing in the air, using no technology to extrapolate the sculpture’s development.

Dimitar Lukanov is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and studied art in Paris and New York, receiving his MFA from Columbia University. He is the recipient of several grants and was commissioned by JFK International Airport in 2006 to create a sculpture for the Arrivals Hall of terminal four. The JFK airport enjoyed his sculpture so much, it commissioned him once more to create an additional three monumental sculptures. He is a member of the Chile Association of Painters and Sculptors and has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Paris, Moscow, Miami, Mexico City, Milan and more.

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