Meet the Artists: Amy Baur and Brian Boldon

Getting through the TSA screening process can sometimes be stressful.  You have shoes to unlace, laptops to pull out of their cases and pockets to check. So when GSP looked at areas to place new artwork, two locations were chosen by our security checkpoint to improve customer experience.

One of those pieces was created by Amy Baur and Brian Boldon from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Amy and Brian created a beautiful frit-glaze image fired on Tempered glass dubbed “Thread.”


This 30-foot-long and 8-foot-high art piece has layers, small details and slow-to-find gems. “Thread” represents Greenville’s textile history intertwined with images of what Greenville has become. To learn more about this piece and the idea behind it, visit http://www.inplainsightart.com/#/gsp-airport-01/.

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