More New Public Art: Terrazo Tile by Joan Weissman

If you’re flying to or from GSP and look down, you may find yourself looking at a piece of art. The art is made from terrazzo tile, a decorative flooring material. GSP’s terrazzo tile pieces were created by Joan Weissman, an artist based in New Mexico.

The recently installed terrazzo tile is located on the second floor of the Grand Hall in GSP, on both the A and B sides of the terminal. Both pieces represent the Upstate and incorporate chips of marble, granite, glass, shell and quartz, all held together by colored cement or epoxy. When installed, each section is outlined and separated by narrow strips of metal, and then filled by hand with the wet pebbled mixture as you’ll see below.



Once these steps are done and dry, the floor is ground smooth and highly polished with the result of this:



Although the piece above is somewhat abstract, it may trigger a memory of one of your favorite outdoor spots in the Upstate. The first image of the complete tile piece is named, “River Bank,” and the second piece with leaf-like figures is named, “Autumn at Table Rock.” Notice the resemblance?

We hope you enjoy these beauties the next time you’re walking through the Grand Hall! Snap a pic a let us know your thoughts. To learn more about Joan Weissman and her work visit her website at

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The Terminal

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