New to GSP: Family-Friendly Nursing Rooms

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Nursing pods are appearing all over the country at airports like Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson and NYC’s La Guardia in order to accommodate breastfeeding moms. Pods give traveling moms an opportunity to nurse or pump milk in a private and clean location. But, GSP decided to take it a step further in our WINGSPAN renovations with brand new Nursing Rooms and Family Restrooms. Located on both Concourse A and Concourse B, the new amenities, give families a cozy spot to do what is sometimes a huge headache.

The nursing rooms are equipped with a deep sink, easily accessible electrical outlets, soft lighting and comfortable seating. Mothers don’t only get privacy and comfort, but children have a quiet space to nurse before or after a plane trip. And, the family rooms offer a generous amount of room for wandering children.

So, moms-on-the-go (and dads too), we get how challenging traveling can be with little ones, and we hope these new features help make your experience more peaceful and enjoyable.

-The Terminal

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