Putting the “Green” Back in Greenville: Daylighting and Automation Systems


WINGSPAN has continuously incorporated sustainable architectural systems throughout the airport’s renovation process. From solar water heating systems to tree harvesting, GSP has made long-term sustainability a top priority. These energy efficient efforts in the airport’s architecture have truly made it unique in both appearance and function, enhancing the experience for all visitors.

Upon arrival, these sustainable architectural features can be seen during the drive to the curbside drop off area, where the airport’s glass facade and canopy illuminate its entrance. Extending over 700 feet, the facade acts as a passive daylighting system using natural light to reduce electrical requirements. In addition, the canopy extends 27 feet over the drop-off area to ensure visitors can exit their vehicles while being protected from the sun.

What is a passive daylighting system? Well, it is one of two main types of daylighting systems: passive and active. Both produce benefits greater than just energy efficiency. Studies have shown that increased exposure to natural sunlight in the workplace can benefit general health, memory and productivity. The main difference in the two, is that active daylighting tracks and follows the sun using mechanical devices; while passive daylighting uses static, non-moving objects to collect natural sunlight.

In addition to allowing more natural light, WINGSPAN renovations have also included a lighting automation system. This type of system is designed to automatically shut off lights if no movement is detected, monitoring and controlling lighting throughout the airport. This system further reduces unnecessary energy use.

To learn more of how GSP is keeping long-term sustainability in mind, read the past posts on sustainability!

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