Putting the “Green” Back in Greenville: Rain Water Harvesting System


Long-term sustainability is a key part of WINGSPAN’s renovations. The integration of various sustainable practices has made for a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of flying within our surrounding area with the goal of instilling the “Green” into Greenville.

One practice we have instilled over the construction period that dates back to ancient Egypt and Rome has been rain water harvesting systems. In lieu of tapping into local water systems, the rain water harvesting system that WINGSPAN incorporated into the airport renovations is designed to collect rain fall, funnel the water to an onsite storage unit and store the water for long-term use.

There are several advantages to rain water harvesting beyond lessening reliance on local water sources. Water that flows from our faucets requires processing to ensure that it is safe to use. This process is designed to meet the requirements and regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency, which takes time, resources and can be costly.

Rain water, on the other hand, is naturally softened, meaning it does not require the minerals, chemicals and contaminants that water processed for drinking requires. Rain water, when collected, stored and disinfected properly, eliminates some of the processing steps.

GSP only uses the rain water in non-potable ways and not as a drinking source. The water harvested at GSP does not need to undergo the same extensive purification processes that drinking water requires, using less energy and less money.

Stay tuned to learn more about how WINGSPAN is helping to preserve the natural beauty of the Upstate now and for years to come!

-The Terminal

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