Putting the “Green” back in Greenville: Solar-Heated Water


As mentioned before, GSP’s WINGSPAN construction project has truly put the “Green” into Greenville. The integration of various sustainable practices has made for a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of flying within our surrounding area. One practice that has been mentioned in previous posts — the use of solar water heating systems.

Designed to deliver hot water for most of the year, this method uses a water storing system that is heated by solar collection. The first and most basic concept of this was essentially the idea of putting a tank filled with water into the sun, allowing the sun to heat the metal and water inside. However, innovations adding an insulated box around the tank, and adding glass above where the sun comes in, has made recent methods of retaining heat much more efficient.

The use of solar energy like this is beneficial in more ways than one. The most obvious reason is of course the environmental impact. Most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels, which causes an array of environmental issues. Another reason, however; is that it is extremely cost efficient. By taking advantage of energy from the sun that freely falls on Earth, it cuts dependence on utilities and the costs along with them.

In using these solar water heating systems and other methods, GSP continues to contribute to a healthier environment and community within the Greenville area. Additionally, this has led them to have recently achieved a LEED GOLD level of certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. To learn more about this achievement, read how GSP “struck gold.”

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