To our GSP Family — Thank you

For the past four years, GSP visitors have witnessed the second and most substantial wave of renovations in GSP’s history — WINGSPAN. Once completed, by the end of 2016, GSP International Airport will be positioned to accommodate up to 4 million passengers per year more than twice the 1,904,602 passengers that used GSP in 2015.  Not only will GSP be able to accommodate more travelers, it will also be much more efficient and will have incorporated additional safety processes all done with the passenger experience in mind. Throughout the renovation process we have made every effort to use smart resources and solutions designed to result in long-term sustainability. Examples of those efforts include the installation of Solar Water Heaters, a Rainwater Harvesting System and a Day Lighting System just to name a few. GSP always strives to be a good steward of the environment.

Our GSP Family has remained patient with us throughout this process and for that we say a heartfelt…THANK-YOU!  Please continue to provide us with your valuable feedback.

To take a look at what we’ve been working towards, check out the short video below!

We would also like to thank our key partners for making GSP’s dream a reality and more. To learn more about our key partners, visit the WINGSPAN website.



Until next time!

-The Terminal

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