Update: Facilities expansion project

05.05.15 updateToday we have an update on the Facilities Department Expansion project we posted about in January. This project includes three major parts: the construction of a new facilities administration building, the construction of a new equipment storage building, and the relocation of our fuel farm.


Right now, the exterior stucco is being completed on the Facilities Department administration building. The walls and roof are almost complete and electrical and mechanical work is underway for the equipment storage building.


The fuel farm that has been relocated is up and operational. This particular fuel farm does not house the jet fuel (that is in a different location). This relocated fuel farm stores the gasoline and diesel for daily airport and tenant vehicle refueling and the aircraft deicer for winter months.


05052015 collage

This project is scheduled for completion in early July, so stay tuned for more construction updates right here on the WINGSPAN blog!


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