VIDEO: Economic impact of GSP and WINGSPAN

In addition to providing renovations for GSP travelers, one of the primary goals of the WINGSPAN program is to positively impact the economic landscape locally and continue to cultivate economic growth in the Upstate. GSP has had a significant impact on the regional economy for many years, and that impact is steadily growing.


12.10.14ecoimpBetween 2009 and 2012, that total economic impact, or output, more than doubled. In 2009, the impact was $377,525,328 and in 2012, grew to $817,119,411 – that’s an increase of more than 115 percent. This impact is measured in many ways, including direct job growth and income generated at the airport, as well as the job growth and income in the greater community. This video shows more about the specific ways GSP benefits the greater economic community.


WINGSPAN will continue to grow these economic benefits. The direct economic impact of the program through year 2016 will support a total of 1,397 local jobs, increase local income by $59.6 million, raise local output by $164.1 million and boost tax revenues by $16 million.


An immediate impact is being seen through the airport’s use of many local vendors and contractors for planning, construction and implementation. The GSP Airport District took care to identify and contract with local companies for all steps of the program, keeping program dollars circulating through the Upstate.


Improving our facilities for business and personal travelers will continue to help position the Upstate as an ideal place to build your business. We look forward to additional economic benefits of this program for years to come as Upstate communities continue to grow!


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